You Can Now Grab Your Own Galactic Knight Dress by Elhoffer Design

Anyone submerged in the nerd world has heard of Elhoffer Design, the amazing brand from the talented mind of Catherine Elhoffer. It all started off with a simple but stunning Captain Phasma inspired dress that went viral last year, leading up to The Force Awakens. And it hasn’t stopped since then. All pieces are handmade by Catherine, which means her commissions list fills up pretty fast. Since more requests have been coming in, she’s had help creating her one of a kind pieces but now will have even more help to get her designs out into the world! Elhoffer Design’s infamous Galactic Knight Dress will officially be going into a mini mass production. More info on the factory and how it will work will be below, but if you’d like to grab your own Galactic Knight Dress, check here. And since it’s being mass produced, the price is $100 cheaper, so now is the perfect time to grab your own! The listing will stay open until March 27th, as this is a test run.

Info on this new limited run:

It’s finally happened! ElhofferDesign has found a Los Angeles-Based factory that can
maintain her quality standards for a production run of one of her most popular dresses:
The Galactic Knight Dress! Her mini-mass production run will be made in an ethical,
local factory that she is proud to partner with. Inspired by the Knights and Masters of an illustrious galactic religious order, her Galactic Knight dress, sized to curvy women, features the standard ElhofferDesign side seam pocket, is made of a mid-weight beige Techno Scuba and Chocolate Stretch
Scuba, and a knee-length, flared skirt.

Info on Elhoffer Design:

Elhoffer Design was founded by Catherine Elhoffer to create higher-end apparel for high
quality geeks. The geek fashion world is saturated with clothing, but there are still gaps
in the market that she hopes to fill by designing and sewing pieces that flatter the body,
pulling from modern fashion trends, and helping her fellow geeks of the world to be both
stylish and chic (and maybe to fit in amongst the muggles). She prefers a subtle geek
nod in her designs, using silhouette, color, texture, and lines to tell the geek story.
Catherine hand-makes her custom pieces in her Los Angeles-based studio. Every now
and then she can be lured into the menswear world as well, often with cookies.

CLOSEUPpGrab your own Galactic Knight Dress by Elhoffer Design here!


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