When The #80sXMen On Twitter Is Everything!

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You can say what you want about Twitter but every now and then there are neat and cools things you can find on there. When you’re a fan of something, you’ll often find other fans doing things that makes you proud to be part of the fandom. I, in particular, am a X-Men fan. And what a time to be a fan as there is an awesome hashtag on Twitter showcasing X-Men art in a unique way. If you search #80sXMen, you will see some of the best artwork of X-Men characters in 80s wear.

The hashtag was started by Kevin Wada, in reaction to another user who thought the 80s costumes of the X-Men were more fancy and modern compared to how they were seen in the first film. He sent out a tweet with a thought of everyone making renditions of 80s X-Men. With a hashtag in place, it became a hit with so many people responding with their pieces. I never thought I would and could appreciate seeing X-Men characters in 80s wear but here I am. And, my goodness, seeing all these talented people. Fandom bringing out the talent in people is something that comes to my mind when I see people doing fan art, cosplay, and etc. And the thought resurfaces again.

Here are some of the tweet of art that I’ve seen, and loved, going through the hashstag. You should check out it and find some favorites of your own.

Note: If any artist presented here would like there work taken down, please contact me.

Colossus and Kitty Pryde

Emma Frost


Cyclops/Scott Summers


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