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I bet everyone is excited for the release of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE later this month. I’m personally excited to see WONDER WOMAN on the big screen finally. I have been waiting forever for this moment.

I’m a HUGE fan of Wonder Woman and if there is anything Wonder Woman out there, I want it. Clothing, jewelry, books, anything and the fine folks at Insight Editions have released one of the most amazing books titled The World According to Wonder Woman by Paul Bulman and Matthew K Manning.

Image via: Insight Editions
Immerse yourself in the life of the most iconic DC Comics female Super Hero, a fan favorite since she first emerged in All Star Comics back in 1941. The World According to Wonder Woman allows readers to experience firsthand the world of Princess Diana of Themyscira through an interactive journey into her incredible universe.  
As the demigod daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, Wonder Woman has been trained from birth as a Themysciran representative for the human world. In this exciting new addition to the Insight Legends series, Diana shares her unique perspective on the world, as both a fearless warrior and an ambassador of peace. 

The book is filled with 64 pages of original art and great information about Princess Diana, perfect for those that already know about Wonder Woman and want to learn more or this book would make a great gift for someone that is just discovering her. I’m actually going to gift my copy to the stepdaughter who is excited to see Wonder Woman’s first solo film.

The book starts off with Diana’s story – where is was she born, the true story of her parents, her “growing pains” and more. Reading these was pretty neat and gave more of an insight to who Wonder Woman is. I grew up watching re runs of the Wonder Woman series and reading whatever issues I could get my hands on but I love learning new things about my favorite characters and this book really does that.

It goes it into details about her becoming a warrior, the secrets of the amazon, on fighting or competition because as she mentions in the book ” Amazons value a champion” and that was to be able to leave her home. The first part of the book counts of her tales on the island of THEMYSCIRA. The other part of the book counts of her tales in a whole new world which is the United States of America.

Image via: Insight Editions

There’s a tiny section about her trying out the food and it gave me a chuckle. Her thoughts on technology. history, and property. Haha… the writer did an amazing job showing us how Wonder Woman sees our world through her eyes. There’s a section in the book called “Discovering your look” which talks about the different outfits she has worn but there is a great paragraph where she talks about how it doesn’t define her. I really, REALLY, loved that part.

The book also goes into details about her joining the Justice League, another amazing women worriers like Batgirl, Katana, and Vixen which I am so happy they added that section, how and when you should fight, a list of some of the monsters that may try to hurt her and/or the world, and a nice section about the “family you’re stuck with.”

The art is amazing as well. It’s all original art as I mentioned earlier by Paul Bulman.  It comes with a great mini pull out poster for you hang up on the wall, your work cube, put in a scrapbook, whatever you can think of and the book is 100% in color.

This is another great book from Insight Editions and really worth the buy if you are a fan of Wonder Woman or know someone is starting to get interested in her world. This is a perfect gift for all ages especially if you know any tiny humans who are excited to see her battle with Superman and Batman later this month.

Image via: Insight Editions

The World According to Wonder Woman is out now and available here from Insight Editions!!

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