Pre-Order Your ESPIONAGE COSMETICS x Emerald City Comicon Nail Wraps

I am a huge fan of Espionage Cosmetics NAILED IT line. I love doing nail art but sometimes I need something quick and beautiful. Also, you can’t go wrong with nerdy nails. Their selection of nail wraps have grown and so has my collection!

They have designs based off of comic books such as BITCH PLANET, video games like BORDERLANDSand films- Hey there LUDICROUS SPEED nail wraps!

Ever since I discovered the nail wraps and have been attending Emerald City Comicon; April 7-10, 2016 at the Washington State Convention center, I wait to see what will be the years ECCC exclusive design and so far they have not disappointed me. So color me excited when I got their e-mail announcing the ECCC 2016 nail wraps!

Espionage Cosmetics ECCC 2016 Nail Wraps
Image via: Espionage Cosmetics

So much green!! I love it. They have the ECCC logo and the Seattle skyline on them. Also, these nail wrap glow. You read that right! They glow in the dark. I don’t know about you but I love, LOVE their glow in the dark nail wraps. If you are interested in glow in the dark ones I suggest picking up the LUNAR PHASE nail wraps. You will not be disappointed.

And Espionage Cosmetics is offering something fabulous this year! You can actually pre-order your ECCC 2016 nail wraps online. If you order them by March 27, 2016 you should receive your nail wraps before the con! You can have them right before and wear them the day the convention starts, the week of, or right when you get them! As a bonus for pre-ordering they will also include a coupon that will get you a mystery freebie at their both at ECCC.

Espionage Cosmetics ECCC 2016 Nail Wraps
Image via: Espionage Cosmetics

SEATTLE – Espionage Cosmetics and our team of Nerd Makeup Misfits & Ambassadors are returning to the city of Seattle for another year at Emerald City Comicon! Instead of taking pre-orders and having pick-up located at our booth, we’re offering pre-orders and mailing them straight to you before the convention even happens! We’re sending you this as a reminder that you only have until before March 27th to put in your pre-order if you want to receive it before ECCC. When you put in your pre-order, you can also expect a coupon for a mystery freebie for use at our ECCC booth! Add more than 3 nail wraps of this glow-in-the-dark design to activate the tier discount prices.

You can place your order of Espionage Cosmetics ECCC 2016 nail wraps here!

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