Sailor Moon Funko! OMG Yes! (And Other Funko Sets Of Course)

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The official Funko Twitter account has made me very happy today. They revealed a sneak peek of their New York Toy Fair booth and guess which series got me the most excited: Sailor Moon! Coming in April, Sailor Moon (with Luna), Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus (with Artemis), and Tuxedo Mask will arrive in Funko style. I know I’m getting excited about this probably way too much, though honestly not enough, because of my love for the series but don’t worry, Funko is coming out with other characters/series you might enjoy more, or as much, as this.

According to their official blog, other soon to be released funko sets include Suicide Squad (movie version),  Spider Gwen, Captain Marvel, Superwoman, the 2016 version of Ghostbusters, and many others.

You’ve probably gone broke just by looking at what’s to come and I don’t blame you. I do feel bad for our wallets however. Let’s hope they survive.

Are you excited about these soon to come Funkos? Which will you be thinking of getting for yourself? Share your must buys in the comments section.

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