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Johnny Ketchum’s Top 8 American Football Video Games

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Football, what an exciting sport, and nothing is more exciting than the Super Bowl! Football video games, meh.

When it comes to football video games, you don’t have many choices. There’s always Madden, and oh there’s also Madden, and hey on your iPhone guess what you can play? Go ahead guess! It’s Madden!

So how about a list of football games that aren’t Madden!? LET’S FOTBEL!

08. Mutant League Football (GEN)
Nothing gets weirder than Mutant League Football, while this game is pretty rare, it’s no where near as rare as Mutant League Hockey. I remember playing this game on Sega Channel, and always getting pissed that Ross Perot taunted and paid refs to get my players killed. This game was tons of fun, and it’s pretty awesome that they’re making a comeback on Steam!

07. NFL Blitz (Arcade)
Nothing beats the high octane of NFL Blitz. The Midway classic arcade style football game ruled the late ’90s then fell off the map. They tried to bring it back multiple times but it will never reach the level it did when first released. Licensing issues with the NFL really kept this game from proceeding after Blitz 2000.

06. Capcom MVP Football (SNES)
Wonky controls are not stopping me from playing this game. While they got team licensing they did not get real players of the time, while that’s a bit of a bummer the game is still a pretty good football game. Once you get past the controls I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one and its simplicity!

05. Quarterback Club ’98 (N64)
This game stinks, but I have a lot of love for it. For one it has my bb Broncos and their Super Bowl team in the game, and they have Brett Favre on the cover who my bb’s beat up to get the ‘ship victory! The qb training games are pretty entertaining, but definitely not the greatest game.

04. Super High Impact Football (SNES)
The closest thing to Blitz or mutant league on the SNES, and what an amazingly fun game at that! Players taunt, get wrecked, and even explode! Holy hell what is this? ITS FOETBELL THATS WHAT!

03. NFL2k (DC)
This is my personal all time favorite football game, it had one of my favorite players ever on the cover, and was on my favorite console! Before Madden engulfed the entire NFL video game licensing, they had 2K running on them closing the gap on the superior NFL game. They’ve won the war with NBA, it’s a shame they can’t get another shot to show they made a better football game.

02. Tecmo Super Bowl (NES)
Oh you think you know Bo? You know nothing Jon Bo… Haha…. Jokes aside this game is still a classic, so much so that they update the roster yearly and still use it for Super Bowl predictions. Head over to to get a copy for yourself! Or head over to to get some rad t-shirts.

01. Tecmo Super Bowl (SNES)
While Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES gets all the love, I personally love Tecmo Super Bowl for the SNES more. The in game field goal block attempts, close call catches, and qb sacks all look great when they bring you to an amazing anime style close up of the action. Plus the half time epic sax man is great too!

So whether your team wins or loses today, just remember; there’s always video games to relive that moment the way you’d like to! ..What am I talking about it will be devastating..

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