Beyoncé Pulled a Beyoncé With New Song & Video “FORMATION

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It’s been a little over 2 years since Beyoncé shocked the world by dropping her Self Titled album with zero notice and or promotion. It went on to be a huge success & to a point where if an artist surprise releases new music without any announcement (most recently done w Rihanna’s “Anti”), its called ‘pulling a Beyoncé‘.  This afternoon she dropped “Formation” a very trap heavy song with production from Mike Will Made It, who’s mainly known for producing most of Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz album.  Formation is at times reminiscent of her hit “Drunk In Love“.



The song is about being proud of her roots despite the wealth with lyrics as “Earned all this money but they never take the country out e, I got hot sauce in my bag swag” & “When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I Slay”. The video can also be seen as a political statement at times. For instance, there’s a shot of a graffiti’d wall saying ‘stop shooting us’ & there’s shots of SWAT members with their hands up.

It was confirmed early this evening by Entertainment Tonight that Beyoncé  will be performing “Formation” at the Super Bowl Halftime show. Will we get like “MuteGate” if she decides to not perform a censored version of the song? She’ll join headliners Coldplay, & rumor on the street is Bruno Mars & Lady Gaga (who’s also singing the National Anthem) will join them at some point during the 15 minute spectacle.  You can watch the music video below & currently the song is only to stream and download on Tidal

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