Netflix’s DAREDEVIL, Season 2 has a Premiere Date

It seems that the “Man Without Fear” is is coming back to Netflix earlier than we thought. The original Marvel/Netflix series, Daredevil, is reportedly coming to grace our streaming TVs on Friday, March 25. Interesting. That’s the day Warner Bros. is releasing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I say “interesting” because Warner Bros. once pitted the release of their super movie against Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, but chickened out later on. Furthermore, Ben Affleck is now the new Batman. Guess what his last superhero role was. That’s right, clever readers, Daredevil!

It’s a given that one will not be able to compete with the other — they’re two different mediums, for starters. But it does present a unique “dilemma” among comic book movie fans. Does one brave the crowds during the opening weekend to see a movie most people are still skeptical about, or sit/lie comfortably on your own couch through 10 hours of quality television?

Daredevil Season 2 has its own showdown between two well-known comic book characters as well. Daredevil (Charlie Cox) has to deal with The Punisher (Jon Bernthal), whose methods to deal with the forces of evil go way beyond our protagonist’s comfort level. Then we have Elektra (Élodie Yung) whose assassin status adds to the moral stress for Matt Murdock.

Marvel has another Netflix series, Luke Cage, slated for sometime in 2016. That may explain Daredevil’s early release. Wouldn’t it be funny if Luke Cage ended up coming out the same weekend as Suicide Squad?

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