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Games That Can Help You Choose A Career

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Some of you may be leaving the warm bosom of high school soon and are unsure what career to pursue. Maybe you have been an adult for awhile now and hate your job, looking to jump to a different career. Instead of turning to your parents, teachers, peers, and those that know you best, turn to video games. Because video games don’t give you advice, but the chance to actually try elements and skills needed for different careers.


Engineering requires a unique blend of creativity and analytic skills to be successful. You need to be able to find a creative solution to a problem and then back up that solution with hard math and engineering concepts.

Being an engineer is an appealing career choice to many, but the idea of intense classes heavy in complex math turn many away.

Games like Poly Bridge and Bridge Creator 2015 can give gamers insights into whether they would like being a civil engineer. These games apply real engineering concepts into fun environments.

Besiege is a way to test the waters in mechanical engineering by creating different moving weapons of death.

Criminal Justice

You think I’m going to talk about Battlefield: Hardlines don’t you? Well I’m not going to, because that’s nothing like being a cop. In fact, there isn’t any games that properly portray being a police officer because it’s not as exciting as video games and movies make it out to be.

But there are games that can help you decide if you would like to work in a crime lab and analyze. These careers require an intense attention to detail and puzzle skills to put pieces of evidence together and create a timeline or story. Television makes working at a crime labs look like a breeze, but crime labs actually carry a much heavier burden in investigations and do a lot more work.

Games like Myst require both puzzle solving skills and attention to detail to beat, and Her Story is a great example of having to piece together a story from bits and pieces of evidence.  

Government or City Planning

Does being in charge of thousands or millions of people appeal to your god complex? Think you want to work in the public sector? A job in the government, especially city planning, maybe for you.

Games like SimCity, Tropico, and even Roller Coaster Tycoon games are all great games that give great insights into these careers. SimCity is for constructing an effective city, Tropico is all managing and keeping your citizens happy and Tycoon games are a mix of both.

Team Manager

Leadership roles in businesses require being able to manage a team while still doing your normal work. Having people skills is only part of the job, needing to be able to assign out different tasks to people to accomplish a single goal is essential.

Running a guild in World of Warcraft or being the leader in a Destiny clan are great chances in games to be a leader and see if you enjoy these type of responsibilities. You manage different people, help your underlings connect with each other and assist in them succeeding at the game.  


“Objection!” If you find yourself shouting out like Phoenix Wright in everyday situations, start looking at careers in law. Similar to careers in criminal justice, being a lawyer requires a keen eye for detail and being able to establish a story or timeline. But, it also requires being able to argue and influence people’s beliefs.

Games in the Ace Attorney series are the most entertaining lawyer games on the market and are decent indications of the career. Again, like criminal justice games, games similar to Myst and Her Story that require you to piece together a timeline and have attention for detail.

Game developer

2015, Nintendo introduced a new breed of game with Super Mario Maker. They have handed the creative reigns over to the gamers and told them to be the developers. For many, this is a dream come true and everyday, more and more creative levels are created.

If you love making crazy intense levels, or just levels that could easily fit into a real Mario game, then consider actually becoming a game developer. If you could create such masterpieces with a limited tool set, imagine what you could do as a fully fledged developer or programmer.

On the other hand, if you love playing the levels over and over, trying to find bugs, secrets, shortcuts and breaking the level, you might want to consider becoming a game tester.

Are you thinking about going into one of these careers? Are you already in one of these and have some advice? Do you have some game suggestions for other careers? Let us know in the comments below.

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