BLU-RAY/DVD INVASION – Week of 1/5/16


The Visit – M. Night Shyamalan


When Becca and Tyler are sent to their grandparents’ secluded Pennsylvania farm for a weeklong stay, they quickly discover something is not right with the elderly couple. Faced with strange rules and increasingly frightening behavior, the children soon realize it will take all their wits to make it home alive.

Found footage movie are always going to have the same knocks against them in that the first act is almost entirely inconsequential and boring. The exposition provided actually does do a good job of answering the questions you might find yourself asking later on, so in that sense, The Visit is a notch above most found footage films. The film itself has a lot of genuinely scary moments and if you didn’t have a fear of growing old now, you might after seeing this movie. It’s a welcome move in the right direction for M. Night Shyamalan whose career has become a bit of a laughing stock at the mere mention of his name. He’s better than what his reputation has become, and this is a good reminder of that. QUEUE IT

The Green Inferno – Eli Roth


Determined to protect the Amazon rainforest, a group of student activists fly to Peru only to crash-land deep in the jungle. Captured by a pack of bloodthirsty cannibals, the survivors suffer unspeakable acts of butchery at the hands of the very tribe they were trying to save.

There might be something here for gore fans to enjoy, but this effort from Eli Roth leaves a lot to be desired. There could be an interesting movie here if the focus were on the story and not putting the viewer through the challenge of how long it will be until they either turn the movie off, or throw up from disgust. SKIP IT

True Detective – The Complete Second Season (DVD Review)


A Highway Patrol motorcycle officer stumbles upon the scene of a bizarre murder, in which the victim’s body has been ritually mutilated. The crime triggers an investigation that brings together three law-enment officers from different cities, each with troubled pasts, and a thug-turned-entrepreneur in danger of losing his empire. As the case grows broader and darker – revealing multiple criminal collusions involving billions of dollars – it the participants to face their own inner demons in order to solve the crime, all the while navigating a web of conspiracy and betrayal in the scorched landscapes of California.

While this second season wasn’t the best, at least each season is a separate story and we can still look forward to season three. Despite the lackluster nature of some of this season, there are still plenty of great moments and good performances to absorb. The first season was a hard act to follow so this was bound to fall on its face a little bit. QUEUE IT

Close Range – Isaac Florentine


After rescuing his kidnapped niece from a powerful drug cartel, Colton MacReady (Scott Adkins) begins a relentless fight to save his family. The cartel has descended upon his secluded ranch with a thirst for revenge. In tow are a corrupt local sheriff and his crew of deputies, ensuring that help won’t be coming any time soon. What ensues is a non-stop assault on the ranch, a blow-by-blow survival marathon for Colton to protect his loved ones and save his life.

Scott Adkins is a rising star in the B-level action genre, and for good reason. Anytime he pairs up with director Isaac Florentine it always makes for a good time. They might not always be the best movies, but they are always ones that stick with you. QUEUE IT

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