STAR WARS REBELS Recap – “Legacy”

This is the final episode of Star Wars Rebels before Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Let that sink in. It doesn’t seem real one bit, yet here we are. A brand new Star Wars comes out next. Again, let that sink in. Are you okay? Good? Okay, let’s move on and talk about the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, titled, “Legacy”, which follows Ezra as he searches for his parents after having visions of them alive and well. Prepare your feels, everyone. This episode is a hard one.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

After having visions of his parents on Lothal, a white Lothcat (that’s super important in my book), and a mysterious man, Ezra finds himself needing to go back to Lothal in search of his presumably alive parents, Ephraim and Mira Bridger. Through this process, Ezra finds that Hera and Kanan have actually been searching for them in private as well. They’d narrowed down that Ezra’ parents could be held in one of a thousand different Imperial prisons. Soon upon arriving on Lothal, Ezra sees that his old home had been burned down by the Empire, but finds a white Lothcat that gives him hope that his parents are still alive by some miracle. legacy_111_31854c53Ezra soon finds himself face to face with the mysterious man in his vision, who we come to find out is Ryder Azadi, a man who knew his parents and was also the former governor of Lothal. Ezra finds himself asking about his parents and where they could be, only to learn that they are dead. Ryder explains that they sacrificed themselves to make sure others were safe, but that yes, they are in fact gone. This brings great heartbreak to Ezra and we soon find him contemplating everything while the two moons of Lothal are out. While this hurts him, Ezra is far more tougher than a pain like this and with the help of Kanan, decides to instead continue this battle against the Empire with the thought of his parents always being alive inside him. While we’ve seen some serious moments on Star Wars Rebels, we’ve never had a moment this touching and memorable. For those who have experienced loss, this episode comes as a great reminder than anyone we’ve lost are never truly gone, but live within us and it’s our job to continue on with our journey.

legacy_118_1bf180ac“Legacy” hit me right in the feels and while it didn’t further our story a whole lot, other than basically the Empire figuring out that the rebellion base is on Gural (which will definitely play a huge part in what’s to come), I did feel this episode to be necessary. We’ve wondered about Ezra’s parents ever since season one, so to see a closure to that little arc was really nice. It added even more depth and a sense of direction to the character of Ezra. It has also shown us how powerful Ezra has gotten and that he’s a natural at this whole Jedi thing, more than we’ve ever guessed.

What did you think of this weeks episode of Star Wars Rebels?

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