STAR WARS REBELS Recap – “Wings of the Master”

Star Wars Rebels is back for more space adventures, this time with the birth of the B-Wing. Between Hera, space battles, and BG-81, “Wings of the Master” packed a lot into one episode and it managed to make one of the best episodes of the season! I’m getting too excited just thinking about it. Let’s talk about it more below and flail together.

Spoilers ahead!rebels-wings-of-the-master-10667-158150“Wings of the Master” starts off with our Phoenix Squadron attempting to make a food drop to a planet right in sight, which is named Ibaar. The people on Ibaar are in need of this food desperately and the rebels seem to have had smooth selling so far, with their squadron following them with the cargos full of the food right behind. Upon exiting hyperspace, they soon learn that the Empire has been waiting for them to arrive, all thanks to Agent Kallus. (Zeb said it best.) Phoenix Squadron try their best to make it through but in the process, one of the three transports is hit and explodes upon impact. This leaves Hera, and the whole crew, distressed and soon they make the call to abort the mission and jump into hyperspace ASAP.

Once back to safety, Hera makes mention of being able to get through the blockade since they still have two transporters. Everyone else disagrees and explains that they simply don’t have the power to do so. Rex speaks up and mentions of a friend named Quarrie on a nearby planet called Shantipole who has a heavy assault starfighter, a blockade buster, aka the first ever B-Wing. Rex also mention that this man will only discuss in person. The problem is that once you got to said planet, you usually don’t come back. So of course Kanan volunteers… Hera. He, like us all, agrees that she is the best pilot and is capable of successfully completing this harsh task. So Hera, along with Sabine and Zeb, use the Phantom and take off, in search of this holy grail of a blockade buster.

Once on Shantipole, they soon realize that once you break through the atmosphere, all power shuts off, meaning that you’ll be gliding through the air with no help whatsoever. But Hera is Hera and after a stressful landing, they soon find themselves in the presence of Mr. Quarrie himself. He helps repair the Phantom as well as lets Hera practice using the B-Wing. These few scenes were so beautiful and to see the birth of a B-Wing was such a special treat for Star Wars Rebels. We also learned a little bit as to why Hera flies, which was so nice, because I feel like we could use all the history on Hera in Star Wars Rebels. Soon Kanan contacts Hera saying that Sato is about to begin the second attack on the blockade without the help of Hera. This brings Hera, Quarrie, and everyone else to hurry up and in the knick of time, come to the rescue. Thanks to the B-Wing, they destroy the blockade and the cargo finds itself to the people in need. Star-Wars-Rebels-Season-Two-34But my favorite part of the episode? Hera becoming Captain Hera and becoming Phoenix Leader. I’m so proud and happy for Hera, you guys! I always feel like Hera is such an under appreciated character. While my friends love her just as much as me, I feel like everyone should love her just as much. It was nice to see her get the recognition she deserved. Sorry, but in my eyes, this episode was perfect. More Hera centered episodes please!

What’d you think of tonight’s episode of Star Wars Rebels?



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