STAR WARS REBELS Recap – “Stealth Strike”

It’s Thanksgiving week AND we got a brand new episode of Star Wars Rebels. Yep, I’m definitely thankful. While most shows took the week off to give people a cooking break, Star Wars Rebels wasted no time by bringing us “Stealth Strike”, another amazing episode full of adventure, fun, and fun take on A New Hope in a weird way. “Stealth Strike” was an action packed episode but managed to hit you right in the feels at the perfect moments, while soon after maintaining the fun… Star Wars causes so many feelings, okay? So while this is a recap, I’ll also be reviewing this episode here and there. Because Star Wars.

Warning spoilers ahead!reb_ia_11265_a1e9cbb3“Stealth Strike” follows Ezra, Commander Sato, and their whole crew, who, by the hand of the Empire, become captured during a mission that Ezra himself has volunteered for. While almost being successful, the rebel blockade is pulled from hyperspace and soon are in the captivity of the Empire with little to no help available at hand. Back on another planet, Hera ponders what exactly to do and what’s the best strategy to get them out. Soon Captain Rex and Kanan volunteer, along with Chopper, and the rescue mission is a go.

While on the Imperial vessel, Ezra is reassuring that he’ll get them out, and while he does have a big help in things, everyone is mainly helped by Captain Rex and Kanan who soon come to help a little bit later. This is when the episode goes all A New Hope with Rex and Kanan being Han and Luke if you will. It’s fun to see a bit of a nod to the original trilogy and all the references to The Clone Wars throughout is what makes Star Wars Rebels such a special show. Oh, and Commander Cody was mentioned, which made my heart really happy. Basically Star Wars Rebels has all its grounds covered.article-rebels1-1122Chopper is still Chopper and uses his abilities to sabotage the Empire’s ships reactor all while dressed in a snazzy disguise. This all happens while Ezra goes and makes a scene to distract everyone. And while all of that is happening, we do see that Kanan and Rex are slowly getting cornered and to save everyone else, Rex gives himself up. Okay, he doesn’t surrender, he just cuts himself off from Kanan, allowing him and the others a safer way to freedom. But Kanan is Kanan, so of course he couldn’t leave Rex behind. This proves shocking as we’ve seen Kanan not really warming up to Rex, so you can imagine all the feels this scene gave the audience.

This whole scene was heart racing, at least for us Rex fans, and while it was happening on screen, I actually started to get nervous something would actually happen. Thankfully, Captain Rex was rescued, the rebels escape, and thanks to Chopper, the Empire’s weapons remain useless. By the end, we see that Kanan has started to lower is guard and is accepting Rex as an ally. *happydance.gif*reb_ia_11286_8bcbd2c0“Stealth Strike” was a phenomenal episode of Star Wars Rebels and managed to pack so many intense scenes into one episode. It was fun, terrifying, and did I say fun? Because it was a lot of fun. Let me know if you watched the episode and what you thought of it below in the comments!

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