STAR WARS REBELS Recap – “Brothers of the Broken Horn”

Weeks between episode of Star Wars Rebels always seem the longest. I feel like it’s been weeks since the last episode, but it’s only been 7 days. Thankfully Star Wars Rebels is back for another fun adventure, this week with Chopper, Ezra, and fan favorite, Hondo. Since the preview during Rebels Recon last week, I think this was defintiely one of my most anticipated episodes of the season so far. Mainly because Hondo and my deep rooted love for The Clone Wars. Anyways, let’s break down this episode titled, “Brothers of the Broken Horn”.

We find the crew upon Garel when everyone agrees they should scour the black markets for generators and things alike. But Hera steps in and leaves Ezra and Chopper alone to clean up and fix the Ghost. This was either a great idea or a horrible one. Either way, the cleaning of the Ghost is soon on hold and Ezra and Chopper take the Phantom our to Vizago’s ship. Once upon Vizago’s ship, they see that Vizago is nowhere to be found, but one man is still aboard… HONDO! Hondo’s triumphant return to the Star Wars universe is here on Vizago’s ship, which Hondo says he won from Vizago himself. But after the Empire finds the two just sitting there in space, they soon jump into hyperspace and Hondo being Hondo, lures Ezra into helping him move some crates (what’s with everyone and crates?) from Azmorigan who you might remember Hera knocking the crap out of with that “very useful tray”. Yeah, well, they get “captured” by him and soon are rescued by Chopper in what was probably the best Chopper moment of the entire series. Chopper plus blaster equals the best! (Oh, and Ezra saves Hondo from the horrors of space. That’s kind of important.)

rebia10365jpg-9b3882But soon we find Vizago has actually been on board the entire time and while Ezra is still on Hondo’s side, Hondo does steal the Phantom and fly away, leaving Ezra, Vizago, and all the droids alone. You may think “No Hondo, nooooo!” when Hondo does while pushing Chopper out of the way, but we do end up finding Hondo back at the Ghost going on and on about how Ezra saved his life and what a great job he did. “Brothers of the Broken Horn” really was a fun episode and ended in such a sweet way. We definitely needed a light hearted romp after the past few weeks and all the Inquisitors.

What did you think of the brand new episode of Star Wars Rebels?

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