STAR WARS REBELS Recap – “Blood Sisters”

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Oh, Star Wars Rebels, how I love thee. It seems as if this show just gets better and better with every single episode. Season 2 is kicking all the ass with its wide variety of episodes, especially since they are now focusing a little bit more on the characters themselves and their various back stories. Last week we saw an episode all about Hera, which made my heart so, so happy, while this week was an entire episode dedicated to Sabine. How amazing is that?!

Spoilers below!

This week’s episode was titled, “Blood Sisters”, which at first glance reminded me of Night Sisters and in turn made me think of Dark Disciple and now I’m all sad- why did I do this to myself?! Anyways, I digress. Blood Sisters brought us a brand new story that everyone has been talking about, online anyways. Hera has a mission set for Sabine; a EG-86 unit that they need to capture. Along the way of doing this, Sabine runs into an old bounty hunter pal, Ketsu Onyo. Apparently they’d been really close back in their bounty hunter days when Sabine was apart of the Black Sun group. Ketsu had also been sent to grab the EG-86 unit. This soon leads into a debate between Sabine and Ketsu. Sabine is not going to let Ketsu take the unit and vice versa.Star-Wars-Rebels-Blood-Sisters-4-11192015-615x346 The following scenes are quite fun thanks entirely to Chopper and his skills to to cause chaos. Chopper’s little movements are so funny and this episode made me love him even more, which is hard to do. But just like most things in the Star Wars universe, the Empire at hand brings together Sabine and Ketsu together for the greater good. Thankfully by the end, we see that the two really haven’t changed that much, friendship wise, and that they’ll always be sisters at heart no matter what.

I really enjoyed this episode of. I know, I know, I say this every episode, but it’s because it’s true! They’re doing such great work this show and I’m continuously amazed by the hard work and story telling this show brings to the table. What’d you think of “Blood Sisters”? Let me know and let’s chat in the comments!

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