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The Only STAR WARS Gift Guide You Need



STAR WARS….is…..back.  Or so we’re all hoping.  Whether the upcoming movies measure up to their original glory or not, certainly they have reawakened the sleeping beast deep within that craves to be sated by Star Wars things and stuff.  We have searched high and low and have come up with quite a list, veering off the beaten path when possible.  These are the STAR WARS gifts you’re looking for.

That said, I am just one person, and certainly there will always be more, so we invite you…nay, encourage….nay, implore you to share your favorite items that may have been missed in the comments section. See, you are the ones that truly make this THE STAR WARS gift guide.

So, away we go in no particular order:

1. STAR WARS Collectors Edition Double Issue from Mondo and the Alamo Drafthouse  ‘Nuff said, right?  No? Well, this is a crazy collectable 88-page special issue featuring exclusive Mondo cover art from Matt Taylor, interior art by Chris Bilheimer, a redemption code for a free pack of Topps STAR WARS Card Trader cards, as well as history and appreciation of the films, toys, comics and more that have defined the STAR WARS universe. Articles include pieces from a psychologist, a Hollywood Reporter editor, a “A STAR WARS Guide to the Galaxy” article with Mondo artist infographic, an article dedicated to STAR WARS toys and more. Yes, yes, yes and yes!

mondo star wars


2. STAR WARS Smuggler’s Bounty  This Loot Crate-style membership modeled collectors paradise has partnered with Funko and boasts 100% exclusivity.  This has filled the hole left by Loot Crate (as recently pointed out to me by a Loot Crater coworker) which is there due to the fact that not all geeks are in to the same geeky stuff.  So, even thought they adore their 80’s memorabilia collection from the Time box, they may still be stinging from the Summon box the month before.  Smuggler’s Bounty promises all STAR WARS, all the time, all the love.

STAR WARS Smugglers Bounty


3. Handmade, Unique STAR WARS Art Etsy’s got your STAR WARS right here.  There are some killer options with unique themes, looks and even pugs!  The force is strong in this gift option, you really cannot lose. Find something for anyone’s decor, with plenty of options that will work no matter what that decor is.  How about a banjo playing storm trooper for your barn?  They’ve got that.  Seriously, anything for anywhere.

STAR WARS Audrey Darth Vader


4. STAR WARS Cardigan w/Storm Trooper Elbow Patches Yes, this is a thing.  A totally awesome, must have, holding myself back from buying it right now hurts my heart kind of thing. 80s Tees has much more to offer, but this will be a wow, gasp, laugh gift.  You get to bring so much joy this year!



5. STAR WARS Lightsaber Chopsticks Of course they light up! Would I have put them on this list otherwise?  Found on Amazon, there is a variety to choose from from Luke Skywalker blue to Darth Vader red.  They are available from several companies and all seem to be offering some sort of free shipping.  Just make sure if they’re coming from a land far, far away you allow for shipping time.

STAR WARS Chopsticks


6. STAR WARS Key Hook Wall Hanger It’s kind of a mouthful (that’s what she said, sorry-not sorry), so just look at the photo.  Get it?  Good.  Now get it.

STAR WARS Key Holder


7. Han Solo Sorry About the Mess Hand Towel AND C-3PO + R2-D2 Cutting Board Etsy is a treasure trove you guys!  But trying to not allow it to completely dominate the list.  Just trust me, you will find something there, zero doubt.  Again, make sure you order in plenty of time for the holidays and check the standard time it takes to ship on maker sites.

STAR WARS Cutting Board


8. STAR WARS Death Star Bluetooth Speaker What?  Let’s get electric.  This thing is so supercool.  We don’t think you’ll ever turn the lights on with the light up feature.  You could pair this killer gift (pardon my pun) with the preorder of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS sound track here.



9. William Shakespeare’s STAR WARS or THE EMPIRE STRIKETH BACK It’s STAR WARS in iambic pentameter. If you really want an original gift for your STAR WARS super fan, this will surely do the trick.



10. R2-D2 Heels and Casual STAR WARS Kicks There are a lot of options for STAR WARS custom shoes out there.  These R2 heels are pretty awesome and the maker, Orions Originals on Etsy has great reviews.  Check out the other work they’ve done as well.  Vans has the market on casual shoes for STAR WARS lovers.  There are a few different options to choose from, peruse to find your favs.



11. STAR WARS String Lights Whether you’re decorating your STAR WARS den, bringing the force to a bedroom or geeking out your backyard decor, these lights are for you.  Find Storm Troopers and R2-D2 on Amazon for a sure hit for any STAR WARS fan who is attracted to bright lights, which is pretty much all of them, because lightsabers.



12. STAR WARS Posterized Leggings Who needs to get sleeved out with a tribute tattoo when you could just slip in to some super cozy leggings for a marathon of epic proportions?  These leggings feature Vader, Leia and an awesome battle among the stars.  The only other place this artwork belongs is on a wall, but it’s so much more fun to wear!



13. STAR WARS Working Lightsaber The team at Ultrasabers have been making custom lightsabers since 2005 and have a huge community of fans.  Check out their Facebook page for fun videos and reward program updates. They boast combat-ready lightsabers and “the fastest turnaround time in the galaxy”.  You can even get a customized hilt if you ask nicely. These bad boys come in different colors and with sound.  This is the perfect gift from one fan to another, because it’s the perfect excuse to get two.  What is the use of your very own lightsaber if you don’t have anyone to battle?



14. STAR WARS Han Solo in Carbonite Fridge I just can’t.  This may be my very favorite of all of the items mentioned in this list.  The only way I could be giddier is if it were full-sized.  Of course the obvious application is a dorm, but you need no excuse to put this to use in any house, any room for any kind of storage. It is just so damn cool.  Not only that, but it is also hot. If I’m getting to contradictory, jut know it can either keep your food/beverage cold OR warm.  Of course, the wonderful folks who dreamed this up realized that is not enough for a ravenous STAR WARS fan and made sure that it GLOWS red when the lights are out.  If Han’s not your bag, there is this amazing R2-D2 fridge that will deliver your beer to you. This modern marvel is not available yet, but you can preorder it here for just over $8,000.



15. Return of the Rubber STAR WARS Ducks The original foursome features Duck Vader, Luke Pond Walker, Princess Layer and Pond Trooper.  Now there is the somewhat frightening, yet collectible ChewQuaker as well.  These adorable (and glow in the dark) ducks will make bath time lots of fun!  Pond Wars duckies, you’re the one for us!



16. STAR WARS Car of the Jedi Do you have a Padawan driver in the family? Remind them to use the force (defensive driving) with this bevy of car accessories.  From the adorable R2 charger to the super sleek Darth Vader seat covers.  There will be not doubt when someone enters the vehicle housing these goodies….this is a geek’s car.  Say it loud, say it proud.



17. STAR WARS Jewelry There is a unique array of creative jewelry on Etsy.  Whether you’re planning a special holiday proposal or something a little less committal, there is an option for the fan you’re passionate about.  If your shopping for your best friend, there are pieces that would make Han squeal with joy if his favorite Wookie gifted one to him.



18. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag This is a gift for a special person.  Maybe someone who has ALWAYS wanted to be Luke or maybe just someone who will be sleeping on your floor over the holiday.  At any rate, this sleeping bag won’t smell bad inside or outside (depending on who’s sleeping in it). You’ll be sure to give them the sweetest of Empire crushing dreams as visions of Ewoks dance in their heads.



19. STAR WARS AT-AT Bookends If you are a child of the 80’s, your favorite STAR WARS toy was most likely yours or your friends’ giant AT-AT.  These are some of the coolest machines to come from the movies and kids of a certain generation fell in love with them.



20. STAR WARS Stocking Stuffers There are several items small enough and inexpensive enough to slip in to a stocking.  First up are the STAR WARS Itty Bittys from Hallmark.  Not only are they super cute, but Hallmark will donate $1 from each purchase to Toys for Tots.  Next up try an R2-D2 Screwdriver from ThinkGeek.com for those pesky droid repairs. Han Solo in Carbonite Crayons For your artist, color freak or other type of fan, these crayons are super awesome and it will be very, very hard for anyone to use. Don’t expect much coloring to be going on, but the childlike joy these will bring is evident. Tickets to see STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS or a gift card to their favorite theater so they can buy their own, see it again or just buy some goodies to snack on while they’re there.



We know there are SO MANY more incredibly awesome STAR WARS gift ideas out there and welcome your feedback and suggestions for the sake of all who read this list and still may not find exactly what they are looking for.  Not to mention everything that will come out between now and the movie opening! Which is your number one from our list? What did we miss that you cannot live without?

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