POP CATS VOL. 1 By The Ninjabot Is The Book You Need

The Ninjabot is back with some amazing work and this time they need your help to get it off the ground and into the trees! (I tried…)

They have introduced the adorable POP CATS Vol. 1 on kickstarter. What is Pop Cats? They have taken some of our favorite characters from pop culture like Kylo Ren, Agent Carter, and Marty McFly and have turned them into the cutest cats you have ever seen.

POP CATS VOL. 1 By The Ninjabot

Aren’t they rad? POP CATS Vol. 1 will contain over 100 full color pages, and over 50 detailed cat illustrations. It will be a 7″x7″ perfect bound softcover book. Each cat illustration is inspired by a different pop culture character, anywhere from movies, comics, historical figures, and much more! The book will feature fun characters like: Meowzaki, Catpool, Catleesi, Furryosa, Catgirl, Darth Kitty, Captain Americat, Kitty McFly, Jack Purrton, Tenth Kitty, Rocatteer, Clawrra, Hairy Potter, and many more!

Pledging $35.00 gets you a copy of the book for your collection but if you pledge $100 you can adopt your very own POP CAT! The kit comes with one original artwork piece from the book in a 5″x7″ frame, a certificate of Pop Cat “adoption”, an Exclusive Pop Cat button, a few “candid pictures” of the cat’s adventures, and obviously, two yarn balls! You get the chance to get one of the Original Illustrations from the book.

So far the list includes Meowzaki, Catpool, Catlessi, Ruby Rawr, Batcat, Fluffy Quinn, Clawn, Darth Kitty, Calico Ren, Paw Dameron, Captain Americat, Agent Catter, Jack Purrton, Tenth Kitty, Albert Felineinstein, Rocatteer, Clawrra, Hairy Potter, Catnos, Slash Kitty, John McClaw, Frida Catlo, David Clawie, Tony Meowtana, The Catmedian, Princess Meownonoke, Indiana Cat, Fuzz Lightyear, and Kitty McFly! 

POP CATS VOL. 1 By The Ninjabot

There are 3 days left of the kickstarter and they are so close to their goal!! If you are a fan of cats (and if you are not, are you human?) and pop culture, you should definitely back this project.

I commissioned a Han Solo Pop Cat at SDCC and it was one of my favorite things ever! You can see it on my instagram!

You can check out their kickstart page here and be sure to follow The Ninjabot on twitter!

(Source: The Ninjabot)

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