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The Flash Recaps: ‘The Fury Of Firestorm’ And ‘The Darkness and the Light’

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I compiled a recap of the last two episodes of The Flash season 2 which had the team trying to save Professor Stein and Earth 2’s Harrison Wells’ need to stop Zoom.



The Fury Of Firestorm Recap:

Finding a match for Professor Stein- The team struggles to keep Professor Stein in stable condition as they try to find someone who could be a match with him so he can merge with that person and get better. Stein continues to be in bad shape, but Caitlin ends up finding two people who could be good matches. She finds Dr. Henry Hewitt, who has quite an ego but is very well established, and Jefferson Jackson a high school football player who is now a mechanic. Caitlin asks Dr. Hewitt to come in and he becomes the 1st one they try out. Stein and Hewitt start nerding out with each other and it becomes obvious that Stein would love it if this works out. They try to merge a few times, the 1st attempt nearly worked but fizzled out and after that it didn’t work again. Hewitt becomes angry and immediately lashes out at Caitlin and leaves. While he’s in the elevator we see his hand catches on fire for a moment. Oh, boy! And that gets even worse throughout the episode. He has a hot head and boy does that hot head get on fire…literally!Jefferson Jackson- a former high school football player stud, the night the particle accelerator exploded, he was unfortunately hit. That stopped his future football career and he became a mechanic. He doesn’t warm up to the idea of doing this at first, but he does go into S.T.A.R. Labs to test out everything. Caitlin lashes out at Jax for his approach to everything. He ends up leaving, but Caitlin eventually goes to where he works, to convince him to come back.Earth 2 Harrison Wells- he’s up to something. He’s trying to help. So perhaps we get a good Harrison Wells this season! He does actually help right at the end of the episode by saving Barry and Patty from King Shark! The episodes ends there, with Harrison revealing himself to Barry/The Flash. Looks like the next episode will focus on why Earth 2 Harrison Wells came to this earth. He’s trying to stop Zoom also, and in previews he says he created Zoom. Dr. Henry Hewitt- it becomes obvious that while they were trying to merge him with Stein, it activated whatever the particle accelerator did to him. He becomes angrier and more like an ass. Suddenly he’s able to have fire charge out of him. He ends up at the place Jax works and angerly tries to attack Caitlin and Jax, knocking him away, but he Jax gets Hewitt in time and he leaves with Caitlin. He does end up merging with Stein and it works out wonderfully. They end up going to the high school where Jax was a football player and they find Hewitt charging up his powers. The Flash joins in and they try to defeat Hewitt, but it doesn’t work out until they figure out they must make him so angry to the point where he blows a fuse from the anger. So The Flash runs around Hewitt as fast as he can so Hewitt can’t actually hit him and Firestorm continues to taunt him and it ends up working. They take him to S.T.A.R. Labs and put him away until he agrees to never talk about what happened. Jax leaves with Dr. Stein and that marks them both going off to the spinoff show Legends of Tomorrow pretty much.

The Darkness and the Light Recap:

This episode focused on Earth 2’s Harrison Wells and why he’s suddenly on this Earth. Of course it’s weird for everyone when they first see him and they all have a really difficult time trusting him, Joe even shoots him (but Barry gets the bullets with an awesome slo-mo shot), but eventually they just let him stick around and the main focus becomes getting Zoom. But what they come across is a new meta-human, sent by Zoom, who looks quite familiar.

Dr. Light- this is the new meta-human who is basically Linda Parks doppelganger from Earth 2, who isn’t a killer, but was sent by Zoom of course. At one point, when she realizes Linda Park exists she goes to find her and take her life, killing Iris’s and Linda’s boss and runs away. Iris did have a big moment standing up for Linda and shooting Dr. Light, missing her, but getting her helmet. The gun she had was given by her dad Joe, who told her to have it with her, because of Earth 2’s Harrison Wells. He wants her safe. At one point, she actually blinds Barry when he gets in his Flash outfit to go stop her from robbing. It’s Barry who finds out that it’s Linda’s Earth 2 doppelganger.

Barry and Patty- they go on an awkward yet adorable date, in which Cisco had to help with because prior to the date, Barry was blinded by Dr. Light. Patty figures out that he can’t see and calls him out on it, but they do end up kissing after. Quite a kiss too!! Then they both head to Central City’s Newsroom after getting a call about a crime scene which is the one Dr. Light did.

Jay and Caitlin- SPARKS ARE FLYING LIKE CRAZY! Those two have some serious chemistry and as they’re out watching the newsroom in case Dr. Light shows up ends up in a near kiss and appearance by Dr. Light who attacks the van.

Harrison and Jay- they get into a fist fight because Jay tries to call him out for being an ass and not admitting to being the one who created Zoom and the meta’s on their earth. Jay then ends up leaving. I have a feeling that won’t be the last time we see him of course.

VIBE- Cisco is now Vibe. Everyone knows who he is thanks to Harrison’s watch app thing that alerts if a meta is nearby (the beginning of the episode took place in Earth 2 where Harrison showed off said watch that alerts if a meta is nearby, he also confronts Jay). Towards the end of the episode Cisco, Barry and Caitlin are having coffee and they come up with Vibe as his name. YAY!!!

Cisco and Hawkgirl- we got our first real introduction to Hawkgirl at CC Jitters and she’s awesome! Cisco tries to ask her out and fails embarrassingly, but at the end of the episode, Hawkgirl tells him she’s new in town and getting used to it and gives him her number. They have a date coming up!

Zoom has Harrison’s daughter- after the team successfully finds Dr. Light at a train station, which had Barry running at crazy speed to create various versions of himself so he could sneak up and get Dr. Light, he successfully does and they put her in the pipeline. Harrison wants to use Dr. Light to lure Zoom in. And they all agree to it, except for Jay who leaves. At the end of the episode, we are taken back to Earth 2 where we see Zoom has captured Harrison’s daughter! Now we know why he wants to catch Zoom!

The next episode looks like it’ll be all about trying to lure Zoom to them with the use of Dr. Light and perhaps Linda too. We’ll see! Leave your thoughts on comments about both episodes in the comments section below!


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