The Holiday Gift Guide For The EMPIRE Fans In Your Life


Empire exploded on the TV scene last year and became a pop culture smash. With Cookie, Lucious, and the whole Lyon clan you knew you were in for an epic, melodramatic, edge-of-your-seat nailbiter when it came to over-the-top drama. I loved Season 1 and am digging Season 2 so far as it heads towards the winter finale next week.


So for the Empire fan in your life, below are the must-have gift ideas.


1. Empire Season 1: Gold Record Edition

Obviously, the best thing for a fanatic is the chance to watch and re-watch their favorite episodes over and over. Plus, the Gold Record Edition is packed with extra features like the never-before released Director’s Cut of the Pilot and the exclusive soundtrack CD. Plus you get uncut performances of the smash hits “Drip Drop” and “You’re So Beautiful”, in-depth Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes, and episode community by the cast & crew on the pilot.



2. Cookie & Lucious Art Poster

This would be perfect in any hardcore Empire fan’s TV room. The perfect reminder of the Lyons and their thirst for power.



3. Hustle & Flow

See the movie that started it all. Without Hustle & Flow there is no Empire. It’s because of Taraji’s work with Terrence Howard on this film that convinced her to fight for him to be cast as Lucious Lyon. While it’s not a direct sequel or connected to the Empire world in anyway, it certainly feels like it could be a look at what could have happened to Djay and Shug in an alternate universe.



4. Empire Coaster Set

Display your love for the Lyons with this awesome artsy coaster set!



5. Ain’t About the Money Mug

Let everyone know why you’re coming in the office every morning with this Lucious quote emblazoned on a ceramic mug. This definitely let’s people know not to bug you before your first morning coffee.


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