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THE FLASH Season 2 Premiere Recap

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Credit: Cate Cameron/CW

Last year we were all captivated by the first season of The Flash and Season 2’s premiere set up what looks to be an even more awesome season coming up!




We saw sad moments, happy moments, exciting moments, Flash Day, and Jay Garrick! Here are key moments from the premiere episode:

Bonus awesome moment: Barry’s dream sequence of taking down Captain Cold and Heatwave with the help of Ronnie/Firestorm. It was trippy and cool, especially when he’s at S.T.A.R. Labs and is greeting by everyone including Harrison Wells…well…Eobard and he stands up, waking him up from the sequence.

1. Barry doesn’t believe he’s a hero — Throughout much of the episode, it’s obvious Barry doesn’t think he’s a hero. Six months after the singularity black hole craziness, we’re seeing Barry Allen trying to do things on his own. Fixing Central City buildings and shops on his own at night and pushing all his loved ones away. We get a glimpse of what happened when Barry went into the singularity to try to stop it in last season’s cliffhanger finale and find out that Dr. Stein and Ronnie merged and went into it as well, as Firestorm of course, to try to help. When Ronnie takes off the Firestorm merging thing they use, an explosion happens, stopping the singularity and causing Dr. Stein to fall. Barry catches Dr. Stein in time and when they hit the floor, we see that Ronnie died. BUT DID HE REALLY DIE? Probably not, you know he probably fell into Earth 2, read the comics if you need to know what Earth 2 is. Fast forward to present day and everyone’s on their own. Caitlin went to work at Mercury labs, Cisco and Joe are working on a task force team together, Iris and Dr. Stein are doing their own thing as well. Then we get Iris trying to stage an intervention to get Barry to embrace everyone again for help, which then leads to…

2. Flash Day — The mayor sets up a day to honor The Flash by giving him the key to the city for saving them when the singularity appeared six months earlier. Of course, Barry was hesitant to go but ends up going anyways. We then see a glimpse of Caitlin who came. We also see Jay Garrick, who seems like he’s trying to find the best moment to introduce himself and is examining all that’s going on in Barry’s life. Then suddenly the Atom Smasher, played by Adam Copeland (aka EDGE!!), wreaks havoc and gets bigger and bigger, all while Cisco and Joe are trying to cuff his feet with a machine Cisco made. It doesn’t work and he gets bigger and all hell breaks loose.

3. Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells’ last words/Henry Allen’s release — The last we saw of him was when he was wiped away from existence thanks to Eddie Thawne killing himself. BUT he left Barry a little gift: Star Labs in his name and a thumb drive to check something out. Barry doesn’t feel like he should check it out, but when he visits Caitlin, they both watch it together and see that Eobard/Harrison confesses to killing Barry’s mom. When Team Flash get together at S.T.A.R. Labs, Joe is making a call and finds out that it looks like Henry will be released. He is then released and they throw him a welcome home party and it’s all amazing. But then, Henry decides he needs to leave Central City, leaving Barry confused, sad but okay.

4. Joe and Barry have a heart to heart — Joe makes Barry realize he needs everyone around him and shouldn’t push people away. Everyone had something to do with what happened with the singularity and he shouldn’t be the only one to take the blame for what happened with that and Ronnie. They have wonderful heart to heart conversations.

5. Taking down the Atom Smasher — They take him down by getting him to a facility where they use radiation to get him back to normal size and powerless. When Barry enters the chamber Atom Smasher is in, he finds out that this guy was told to kill him by Zoom, who is the big bad of the season.

6. Jay Garrick — Team Flash happily goes back to S.T.A.R. Labs and they install major security around it so nobody can come in without them knowing. When they’re telling Barry about it, suddenly JAY GARRICK APPEARS!! He says Barry’s name and tells them all that their world is in danger and that ends the episode. It’s pretty hilarious that Jay was able to get in even with their new security system. Looks like they’ll need an even better upgrade!


the flash

Credit: Cate Cameron/CW


Seems like whatever metahuman they come across this season will be from Jay’s world, out to get Barry.

It’ll be fun to see a seasoned Jay Garrick help Barry with all the metahumans.

Perhaps, we’ll see Barry do things we’ve never seen him do before.

Did you enjoy The Flash‘s season premiere? Ready for the rest of Season 2?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and make sure to check out my recaps each week!



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