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THE FLASH Recap: ‘Family of Rogues’

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The third episode of The Flash‘s Season 2 brought us more of the Snart family and explosions…of the head to be exact.


*Spoilers* below! *SPOILERS!*


The episode started off with Barry working on something in his lab. Suddenly, he gets a call from Iris who is in trouble. He hears gunshots and immediately asks her to look for a window. When she finds one he asks her to jump out of it when she says no he asks her if she trusts him and she says yes. He tells her to jump again, and she does! Barry gets there in time of course and catches her. They both get giddy, because of how cool it was. She was trying to get a story and ended up getting caught in the gunfire. Barry quickly runs up and takes care of the bad dudes and runs back down. Iris then says she can’t wait to write about everything that happened. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Jay, Cisco, Caitlin, Barry and Dr. Stein are admiring the breach that is inside the lab. Jay really wants to go back home, but they’ve tried to throw things through the breach and whatever they throw in there ends up bouncing right back to them and doesn’t actually go throw the breach. Barry then decides to run through it, thinking that’s the way it’ll work and he gets bounced back. Cisco then says they need to stabilize it so it works well, Jay then says it’ll be a speed cannon and Cisco immediately wants to hang out with Jay more. SCIENCE BROS! Jay has a lot of chemistry with everyone on Team Flash. I really hope he stays for more seasons.

We get interaction between Joe and his ex-wife Francine at a bar. Joe hands Francine an envelope with money and asks her to leave Central City. She doesn’t accept it because she wants to see Iris. They argue a little and Francine says that because of the death of Eddie, she needs her mother. Joe still doesn’t budge and he still wants her to leave.

At CC Jitters, Barry and Patty have a cute moment. We also find out that The Flash has coffee named after him. When Barry returns to his table which has Cisco, Iris, and Caitlin…Lisa Snart suddenly appears. “I need your help. I need the Flash’s help too. My brother’s been kidnapped.” A SNART KIDNAPPED? It’s a trap! Or is it? When they get back to S.T.A.R. Labs, Lisa says they were at a race track when she was knocked out and her brother was kidnapped. Barry…well, The Flash heads out to find him after Cisco tracks where Snart is with the GPS like system on the cold gun. Barry finds Snart and sees that he’s okay and tells him that he was going to rescue him, but Snart says he’s fine and there’s nothing wrong. Then Snart’s father walks out and Snart gets Barry with the cold gun. Barry is quickly freezing and tells Cisco what’s happening and Cisco turns on the thermal threading that he put in the suit for specific situations of this nature and melts him out. When Barry gets back to S.T.A.R. Labs, he tells Lisa (oh and he’s The Flash around Lisa, she doesn’t know that he’s Barry) that Snart is with their dad. Lisa insists that if Snart’s with their dad, he’s in trouble. She showed a scar from childhood abuse she received from her father. She runs off and Cisco runs after her. She tells him more stories. Throughout the episode also it’s rather obvious the chemistry between Cisco and Lisa is getting even more intense than last season! Will these two eventually hook up? Maybe! It would be weird, yet kinda awesome seeing Lisa with Team Flash, because of a relationship with Cisco.

Joe goes to visit Iris at Central City Picture News to tell her about her mother being alive and to see if she’d want to see her or not when they get interrupted by Linda Park saying Iris’ news story got front page. Joe then lets Iris enjoy her moment and leaves. Joe talks to Barry about Iris’ mother being alive and why he lied about her death and Barry tells him to tell Iris. She will forgive him.

Barry visits Snart, at a bar and they talk about what’s going on and why Snart is helping his dad. He doesn’t budge enough information and Barry says he won’t let this go. Snart leaves and Barry has to pay the bill. We do see Lenny (Snart’s nickname from Lisa, I felt like using it at least once in this recap) his dad, and someone else, but the guy was being an ass and Lenny’s dad blew his head up. Joe, Barry, CCPD, and Patty all get to that specific crime scene and Patty adorably cracks jokes, all while being a little nervous, all to Barry’s liking, and then Barry does his thing and finds out that there’s thermite in this guys head matter. YIKES!

Caitlin and Jay continue getting a little closer, she drops off some food to him as he’s trying to make something to fix the breach and he talks about missing his speed and his life and she tells him being a hero doesn’t always mean you need the speed. He then asks her to help, but Cisco calls Caitlin up and she leaves. There’s definitely a spark between them, but with Jay probably leaving after they figure out how to close the breaches and defeat Zoom, it’ll be yet another lost chance at something special for Caitlin.

Cisco and Caitlin figure out that there’s a bomb in Lisa’s head. Now they have to figure out how to destroy that bomb without hurting her. Barry then decides to act like he wants to be a part of what Snart and his dad are up too, so they let him join. When they get into the building this plan was for, they’re dressed as janitors then Barry takes out some guards and uses his speed to crack the code of the keypad after he does he gets shot by Snart’s dad and Snart says, “Sorry Barry,” and they leave with the elevator. We then find out Barry actually caught the bullet with his speed and fell down. Back at the lab, Cisco makes an air gun to get the bomb out of Lisa’s head. She trusts him, but it takes him a while to do it from the nerves. I think the fact that she trusts him, eventually makes him do it. When Barry makes his way up to Snart and his dad, they’ve already taken diamonds from the safe and Snart’s dad threatens to blow up Lisa’s head if Snart doesn’t shoot Barry. Cisco does get the bomb out from Lisa’s head in time luckily! Snart then gets his dad in the chest and says one of the most intense lines I’ve ever heard: “He broke my sister’s heart. Only fair I break his.”

Joe and Iris have an intense conversation about her mother being alive and while Iris is having an emotional time processing all of it, it seems like she understands her father’s intentions. She doesn’t get as mad as we and Joe would think she would.

When Barry and Joe take Snart to Iron Heights, he and Barry have a conversation. Barry tells him he knows there’s good in Snart. He was willing to do anything to protect his sister. He’s pretty much telling him he’ll be a hero. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW ANYONE?

At CC Jitters, Patty gives Barry her phone number after another awkward yet incredibly adorable encounter.

Lisa and Cisco say goodbye to each other and she tells him he’s her first friend. Cisco asks if she’s actually telling the truth and she kisses him then rides off on her motorcycle and Cisco has an adorable badass moment of pride.

Back at the lab we find out that the speed cannon is all set and the breach is okay, Jay could go home if he wants and he does want to of course, but Caitlin convinces him to stay so they can figure out how to close the other breaches and learn more about Zoom. He agrees but says he will leave after it’s all done.

Caitlin then sees how Professor Stein is feeling and he says that his resting has helped, but then his head and hands get on fire and weirdly the fire turns blue and he collapses again. The Flash‘s next episode focuses on finding a new partner for Stein.

After the episode, Dr. Harrison Wells from Earth 2 steps out of the breach at the lab. OH BOY!


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