STAR WARS REBELS Season 2 Premiere Recap – “The Lost Commanders”

Not to sound totally uncool/unprofessional, but STAR WARS REBELS IS BACK, YOU GUYS! The wait for this season 2 premiere has felt like the longest wait ever. (Okay, not The Force Awakens long, but you get the drift.) I’ve been patiently waiting for this episode ever since the Star Wars Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration last April. They showed us a special trailer that featured many clips from this episode and the season 2 opening movie that we saw this past June. (You can read my recap right here.) Everyone’s excitement has been super high and I’m pretty sure everyone thought this day would never arrive. (Just like The Force Awakens may never arrive.) But it’s here! The season 2 premiere titled, “The Lost Commanders” has happened and has been viewed by us all and and- Sorry, I digress. Before I get into the episode any more, just a usual warning that this “recap” will more than likely turn into a “review”. Sorry not sorry. Let’s get started!

“The Lost Commanders” opens up with the entire crew, Ahsoka included, on board the Ghost, learning more from Commander Sato about fighting the Empire furthermore. During this scene we see some lovely #spacemarried moments that no one can deny. Ahsoka then speaks up about an old friend who might be able to find them a base, someone who could become a new ally. Ahsoka mentions losing track of him a while ago, but after Ezra pushes that they could find him, she makes mention a tactic she’s never tried before: an old tactical droid. Ahsoka opts out of the mission, saying she has something else she needs to attend to aka the Sith Lord aka Darth Vader. She has questions that need answering, making us still wonder how much does she know of Anakin’s journey. I’m really hoping we get an episode explaining what she does while the Ghost crew finds her old pal and ally. (I’m pretty sure we all want that episode, so please make is happen, Disney!)trailer-breakdown-new-star-wars-rebels-season-2-trailer-652128We soon find out that Ahsoka’s old pal and ally is none other than Captain Rex! We, of course, knew this way beforehand, but the reveal in the episode is super exciting and emotional, nonetheless. Captain Rex, along with Wolffe and Gregor had survived Order 66 and decided to go off the map, fending for themselves and living an isolated life. We see what the war has done to them, specifically Gregor. He’s not quite right in the head, and while a lot of people laugh at him due to actions, I personally found it incredibly sad. The war has messed with his head so much that he’s no longer fully himself. These “Lost Commanders” decide to help our crew by going “slinging”, which in turn could feed them for a year. It’s a massive form of fishing and makes for a really fun scene. They lure Zeb onto the ground to “hunt” for them, but instead he’s the bait. This brings even more humor, action, and stress as the crew tries to save Zeb and capture the beast at hand. star-wars-rebels-premiere-2400x1200-213703986210After this little fiasco-turned-success of a mission, we soon learn that a probe droid has been spying on everyone aboard the commanders ship and that Wolffe had actually betrayed everyone by telling the Empire where they were located. This whole bit seemed a bit odd, as I don’t actually think Wolffe would do such a thing, but that’s only a personal opinion of mine. This happens while the crew is stranded on this planet, so none of them can escape from the Empire even if they wanted to. *CUE TO BE CONTINUED SCREEN* Yes, this episode ends on a cliffhanger. It was such an amazing premiere and we get a two parter. I’m both happy and sad because I really want to know what is going to happen next. Seventh Sister, anyone?!

I’m just so happy our fellow rebels are back on our screens. I’m ready for all the new space adventures to come. And more Ahsoka and Hera. Yes.

What’d think of the season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels?

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