STAR WARS REBELS Recap – “Relics of the Old Republic”

It’s the best time of week! It’s time for an all new episode of Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD. I wait for Wednesdays like it’s SDCC. I need my Star Wars Rebels fix and I need it ASAP. Wednesdays seem to legitimately go slower as I look at the clock every 30 minutes, wondering if it’s 9:30pm yet. Anyways, I’ll stop rambling. Time to talk Star Wars Rebels!


This brand new episode titled, “Relics of the Old Republic”,  opens up with our fellows rebels, along with the clones, figuring out exactly how they’ll get away from the Empire who are on their way. This, of course, is made even worse as they notice a sandstorm is heading in their direction. Luck is never with the Jedi, is it? Hera is working on the ship, trying her best to save everyone, but is soon face to face with a huge star destoryer that just exited hyperspace. Hera is forced to shut down her ship, along with Chopper, so the Empire can’t track her, delaying everyone’s rescue immensely.

Back on ground, Wolffe does his best to tell Agent Kallus (He’s back! Yay!) that he was wrong about the Jedi and that no assistance is needed, but Agent Kallus knows they are lying due to a photo clearly showcasing the rebels themselves. He makes threat of destroying them unless they turn in the Jedi. They want the rebels, but obtaining the Jedi is key and they’ll do all they can to get Kanan for themselves and kill him, just like all the other Jedi. Everyone is working together to fight the Empire at hand and in turn, destroy a TIE Fighter. All I’ll say is that Gregor still has great aim.

Soon after destroying the TIE Fighter, Agent Kallus decided to bring the fight onto land by sending out 3 AT-AT’s. Seeing those AT-AT’s on screen, in the desert, slowly working their way to where the rebels have taken refuge was a beautiful site. I’ve been waiting for the AT-AT’s in particular, as they’re one of my favorite vehicles in the Star Wars films and this episode did not keep me waiting. This soon leads us the entire crew, along with the clone, heading into the sand storm on purpose, so that the walkers would lose track of them. During this process, everyone uses their best abilities to get out of the walkers sites and, yes, that includes using the Force. This whole scene was super intense and had me on the edge of my metaphorical seat. I thought this big and grand scene that had Kanan and Ezra using the Force would be the top of the episode, but turns out I was wrong.

Once out of the sandstorm, the rebels ship is finally working and they take off, saying goodbye to Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe. Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe have decided to keep battling the walkers, no matter if they live or die. This whole scene made me nervous because both the clones battling the walkers and the rebels escaping were intercut, so you didn’t really know what was going to happen. Thankfully Ezra is Ezra and decides that they can’t just leave them behind. Kanan comes to terms with this and the rebels are soon helping fight the walkers alongside the clones! This whole battle was beautiful and I loved seeing everyone come together. Like Rex said, it felt like the old days.


Then we get to the best scene in the episode aka where I lost all my emotions. It’s when Ahsoka and Rex become reunited. I’ve been waiting for that moment to happen ever since Star Wars Rebels started. I just love Ashley Eckstein‘s (Ahsoka) and Dee Bradley Baker‘s off screen chemistry. It shows on the screen, whether it be the scenes that are made for them or just by their voices. Talk about feels. But this wasn’t the end of the episode. To top it off, we were introduced to one of the two brand new inquisitors. This guy look mean, big, and ready to kill. (Also his voice sounded pretty awesome.)

I loved “Relics of the Old Republic”! It was a wonderful episode and a great finale to last weeks “to be continued…”. I enjoyed every second and I need next weeks episode ASAP. But to hold you over until next weeks episode of Star Wars Rebels, why not watch the accompanying episode of Rebels Recon?


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