STAR WARS REBELS Recap – “Always Two There Are”

It’s Wednesday aka the best day of the week, television wise. The best show to grace our Disney XD screens, Star Wars Rebels, has been nothing short of amazing in all it’s episodes and this week is no different. It seems like this second season of Star Wars Rebels is much more exciting than the last season and that’s saying something because the last season was pumped full of action and adventure. This probably has to do with some familiar faces that have returned which in turn make us bawl our eyes out at basically every episode. But I digress. This episode titled, “Always Two There Are” was such a fun, great, and amazing episode. I get so excited just thinking about all the stuff that happening. Ahhh. Okay, let’s get started.

Spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned!

star-wars-rebels-always-two-there-are-sabine-wren-chopper-e1445640932155“Always Two There Are” picks up right where we left off from the last episode, well, shortly after at least. Upon seeing the ship, we see that the Captain Rex is playing Holochess (!!!) and that Kanan is still training Ezra and is having him use the force to lift Chopper off the ground. Chopper is Chopper and locks his feet, making Ezra doubt his use of the Force. Oh, Chopper. I love you. This then brings us to Hera, who assigns Sabine, Chopper, and Zeb on a mission to an abandoned medical station that Rex had the codes to access, which Ezra decided to assign himself on.

Upon entering the medical station, the unsettling feeling of isolation sets in. There’s no one aboard with everything run down. Chopper soon gets the power on, but that’s not without us seeing a certain probe droid snooping around. Back at Empire HQ, the brand new Inquisitor has decided to send himself to do the entire job of finding out what is upon the medical station since the Empire doesn’t know if it’s a type of creature or the rebels themselves. And to begin this invasion upon the rebels, poor Chopper gets attacked. I was literally clutching my chest during these scenes. Don’t mess with my Chopper. Just don’t. star-wars-rebels-always-two-there-are-seventh-sister-ezra-bridger-e1445640944295We then come upon the Seventh Sister aka Sarah Michelle Gellar! This scene was done so well. She’s so menacing. Sarah Michele Gellar’s was such a perfect choice for this character. Her voice works so well and comes across great. It’s slightly altered too, making her that more scary. We find her trying to capture Ezra, but Ezra being Ezra, risks his life to save Sabine. He is then in the hands of the Seventh Sister. She doesn’t wish to kill him, but just keep him andget answers, specifically about Ahsoka’s location. This then brings our other Inquisitor to hunt down the rest of the rebels. He comes close and almost succeeds by capturing Sabine and sending his pet droids to do what they will with Zeb. Did I mention how terrifying this episode was?! If Star Wars Rebels did a Halloween episode, this would be a good one.

Soon our two new Inquisitors threaten Sabine and Ezra is they don’t call the other rebels for help. Thankfully, Zeb comes to the rescue and saves them all after merely escaping the Inquisitors hold. They find themselves back on the Ghost, but everybody is no longer in a playful mood. They’re scared for what’s to come. It’ll be interesting to see how the next episode goes, but it actually seems fun. We’ll be following Hondo on some adventures. I can’t wait.

Make sure to catch Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD every Wednesday night!


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