Funko Announces Their NYCC 2015 Exclusives

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October is finally here and that means pumpkin spice, cool weather for some, and the biggest east coast comic book convention, New York Comic Con! I personally won’t be there but a few a of our Geek Agents will be in attendance so be sure to say hi when you see them!

There will be so much happening at this year show and there will be so many incredible things to grab like show exclusives. Funko just finished announcing all the great products they will be selling at their booth. If you were at SDCC this year, you know it can be a mad house and getting into their line will be straight out of a marathon but it is doable! They have implemented a new ticketing system which you can get more information from their site.

But enough about that! I know what to know what the exclusives are, right? I got them for you! You can check out the gallery above to see every single POP!, Dorbz, Vinyl Idolz, Hikari, ReAction, and shirts they will be selling at their booth. Go ahead and check it out!

Like I mentioned, I won’t be at the show but I want to share some of my favorites from the list!

Funko POP! Figure Jack Skellington and Teddy Scare NYCC 2015

I am mainly excited for this set because of Teddy Scare or Vampire Teddy. He has no speaking role in The Nightmare Before Christmas but he one of my favorite characters and is so cute! If anyone happens to get an extra one, let me know! I will bake you cookies!

Funko POP! Iron Throne 6" NYCC 2015

One of the only 6″ POP! item that they are releasing and it’s the freaking Iron Throne from Game Of Thrones. I’m late to the game and have just started season 3 but I really want this POP! figure. You can place any of your figures on the throne! I would totally put my Agent Carter POP! on there. Who would put on the throne?

Funko Hikari Rainbow Dash NYCC 2015

Funko is releasing four different Hikari figures and the Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is by far my favorite. They only have four total with the other three being Star Wars characters which I have no problem with, I just love the rainbow effect on Rainbow Dash! I will say the Hikari series is a real hit or miss with me but all four of the NYCC exclusives are wonderful. I really like them all which is rare.



(Via Funko Blog: 1 2 3 4 and 5!)

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