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THE FLASH Recap: Season 2, ‘Flash of Two Worlds’

The second season of The Flash has been off to quite a great start introducing a new bad guy, new characters and Earth 2.



This episode focused a lot on the potential wonderful mentor/student like friendship that will be developing between Barry and Jay Garrick. It takes Barry a while to fully trust Jay, because of everything that happened with Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne last season. Caitlin performs a few tests, even a full body scan, and lie detector test and it’s revealed he doesn’t have the speed force in him. He isn’t lying, but it’s still hard for Barry to trust him. The way Jay Garrick ended up on this earth was by being sucked into the singularity, created six months ago, and was dropped onto this earth. At the time, when he was sucked into the singularity wormhole, Jay was fighting Zoom. Now, he’s on this earth, without his speed, weak and wanting to help Barry fight Zoom and the rest of the metahumans being sent to kill The Flash. They figure out that there are 52 breaches in the fabric of reality all around Central City and they have to close them up…somehow.


We get a really cool intro to Patty Spivot who is nerdy, adorable, badass and ready to get revenge against the man who killed her father(oh and she’s after Mark Mardon aka Weather Wizard. Comic book readers know who she is! She and Barry get along pretty fast and we can easily tell that he’s developing a quick crush on her. Who wouldn’t? She’s awesome! She continuously asks to join Joe’s Metahuman task force and eventually earns a spot. “I may not have powers, but I want to stop them.”


The meta they deal with in this episode is called Sand Demon and he’s from Jay’s world. He has the ability to turn his body/cells into sand. He also uses it to do a really cool sand punch, that’s what I’m calling it. In the beginning, when he’s introduced, we see Zoom go through the singularity open wormhole thing and drop him off on this earth telling him to kill The Flash and he’ll be able to go home.


When Barry starts trusting Jay, Jay teaches him how to make a lightning bolt when he runs. Jay trains Barry, telling him to keep on running and to not think about it, just do it. When Joe and Patty capture the Sand Demon guy (Patty got him quick! She’s really quite a badass), they find out that he wasn’t at a prior crime scene and let him go. Moments later, he appears again and uses his sand punch to punch Joe and takes Patty. When Barry finds out, this is when he and Jay start training to perfect the lightning bolt.
Not only does Stein figure out that something is wrong with Cisco, (he’s getting vibes guys!!!) Cisco figures out where Sand Demon is holding Patty and, that he’s using a bomb like thing that won’t affect Sand Demon himself when triggered, by going to the exact place with his awesome new powers. He’s not holding up well, and is pretty terrified of these powers, but by the looks of it, he will be helping even more than usual this season with his powers.


So they figure out a plan that involves Jay distracting Sand Demon while Barry rushes to save Patty, eventually Sand Demon figures it out, but Barry does get the bomb away and then he runs around as fast as he can and creates the energy that is like “lightning” and hits Sand Demon. The one question we are left with is, “WHY DID PROFESSOR STEIN SUDDENLY COLLAPSE?” at the end of the episode. It’s likely because of Ronnie not being around and his body not being used to it. Looks like we need a new other half of Firestorm ASAP!


We also get the comic homage that made me and the rest of the world squeal with joy:



What did you think about the episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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