COMIKAZE EXPO ’15: “No Hero Now” Music Video World Premiere

Comikaze Expo takes over LA this weekend! Amidst all the cosplay and goodies on the exhibition floor, there are tons of panels and exclusives coming out of the event as well. Today Stan Lee’s World of Heroes premiered this extended video of “No Hero Now”.


“No Hero Now” is a cinematic action-driven music video that chronicles the tale of a reformed and retired assassin, Rian Leung, who is pulled back into a life of corruption and superhuman warfare when her old team is compromised. Introduced by comic book icon, Stan Lee himself, it brings together a flurry of TV actor performances and cameos.


Introduced by Stan Lee himself, No Hero Now” is written/directed by Jennie Kong (Made By Maggie) and stars Jessika Van (CW’s The Messengers), Jack Yang (A Leading Man)Beth Riesgraf (TNT’s Leverage)Dan Feuerriegel (Starz’s Spartacus)Chelsea Harris (CBS’ The Stalker)Tony Messenger (The Expendables), and even includes a photo cameo role from Peter Shinkoda (Netflix’s Daredevil).  The music video style melds the director’s visual sensibility for magical realistic storytelling, with her love for comic book mythologies.


If you’d like to learn more about this epic music video and Stan Lee’s World of Heroes and are attending Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo at Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend, don’t miss the ‘Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Presents… No Hero Now’ panel talk with its cast and crew on Sunday November 1st, 2015 at 12pm in Room 511ABC.

Title Screen




Stan NHN Intro


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