ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Premiere Review – “El Jafe”

Ash is back and better than ever with the new Starz show, Ash vs. Evil Dead! We’ve been getting you pumped up for the show with our cast interviews here and here, but now it’s time to actually delve into this and share our feelings, good or bad. (Spoiler: They’re all good.) Ash vs. Evil Dead will premiere October 31st on Starz, but we got an exclusive look at the first two episodes a bit early. For this post, we’ll be covering the spectacular premiere, “El Jafe”.

Spoilers below!

evildead16Ash vs. Evil Dead picks up right where we left off, just many, many years later. 30 years to be exact. In this 40 minute premiere, Ash (Bruce Campbell) is still himself; drinking, having sex in the bathroom bar, and most importantly, reading from the Necronomicon Ex Mortis while high. Yes, Ash does just, which in turn is now basically causing the end of world. In a way. This whole plot is what drives the first episode and from what we’ve heard, will drive the entire season. It’s such a funny way for Ash to bring back the Deadites and is something we’ve been wondering about ever since the series was announced. He does this without remembering, causing his life to go back to the Deadites days. He packs up and sets to go, when the Deadites start to not only attack him, but his work, effecting Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo (Ray Santiago), his co-workers and soon to be cohorts. tumblr_nr89u4FcgP1thr7ppo1_500During this time, we’re also introduced to Amanda (Jill Marie Jones), a police officer who had her own experiences with the Deadites and is set on finding out why it happened and who is responsible. Amanda’s scene with the Deadites is actually the first Deadite action we see in the episode. This was the moment we’d see if Ash vs. Evil Dead would capture the feelings we had towards the previous Deadites from the original movies. We had no doubts this show would bring us back to the The Evil Dead days and this scenes does this perfectly! It sets the tone for the show beautifully. Returning viewers will squee with delight, while new viewers will find it plain fun. In the words of the internet, Ash vs. Evil Dead is a thing a beauty and must be protected at all costs. lPzl2IHFans will devour this show! I’ve seen the pilot multiple times now because of just how great it is. From the writing to the acting to the effects, it all feels like the original The Evil Dead. I can’t put into words how great this show is. It’s campy, it’s bloody, it’s fun, and most importantly, it’s funny.

EDS1_KeyArt_Vert_1200x1800_FinalAsh vs. Evil Dead will premiere October 31, 9:00pm on Starz.

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