This Week In Cosplay: Daredevil, She Hulk, Kiss Trooper and more!

I’ve searched the web and paid attention to all of my social media feeds and gathered up five of some of the coolest and amazing cosplays that I’ve seen (this week).

Cosplay is an amazing hobby. It’s mind blowing to see all of the hard work people put into these costumes just to be able to show their love and appreciation for characters! I am always amazed at what I see online (and off) and I just want to showcase some of that awesomeness.

Join me weekly as I showcase some amazing cosplays from around the web and make sure to check out their social media to give them some love!

1419244370555234886Cosplayer: Patrick Skye Cosplay
Photographer: Jason Laboy Photography

6de75f42d92a7e2772c6173a094e7e00-d9975w9Cosplayer: Jumeria-Nox
Photographer: Hanny Honeymoon

tumblr_nu4b4cPeSb1rg3cheo1_1280Cosplayer: Shemika Berry
Photographer: AMPCosplay

2934183-wizardcon-2015-gs-0035Cosplayer: Unknown

tumblr_ntrgkvWQuC1rdzpu7o1_1280Cosplayer: Abby Dark Star
Photographer: Saffles Photography

tumblr_nubrnwwQo81qdlvzfo1_1280Cosplayers: Time and Space Cosplay and Katie Potter Cosplay
Photographer: York In A Box

tumblr_nukta61lYe1r05yx3o1_500Cosplayers: bratkartoffel25 and cpt-tightpants
Photographer: Rich and Strange Photography

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