THE STRAIN Reviews – “The Battle for Red Hook” and “The Assassin”

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I’m not very good at this whole “review upon being premiered” thing, which again, I’m sorry about. But I figured I’d do a two in one type of deal, with these last two episodes of The Strain. Also, I figured instead of breaking down my favorite and least favorite scenes throughout both episodes, I’d highlight what I loved about them… but with gifs! I’m just going to keep this short and sweet this week, but don’t worry, I’ll be back next week, breaking them down even more, preparing myself for the finale. I’m so ready!

During “The Battle for Red Hook”, we got treated to a brand new opening, which I absolutely loved! It did feel weird for it to happen past mid season, but I really appreciated it. It was stunning, creepy, and gave off the best vampire vibes. But back to the episode. I wasn’t too impressed with “The Battle for Red Hook”, but I will go ahead with the highlight of the episode and that is the big fight. It was fun, creepy, and terrifying (slightly). Yes, the end result was a bit anti-climactic, but throughout my reaction as this:



I didn’t really have many other favorite moments, mainly the fight. Like many have said, the whole episode felt pretty anti-climactic and didn’t really entertain, as much as educate us as to what’s happening. If that made any sense. So onto “The Assassin” we go…

“The Assassin” was definitely a better episode, at least according to Twitter. It set two more plot lines into motion, leaving most filler behind. Like many have said, it is sad to see certain plot lines get pushed to the side, especially since the finale is a mere few weeks away. But the highlight for me was when Occido Lumen made his return. And now thanks to Eldritch Palmer, who Eph put his move against, has put him in a different mood set, maybe even worse than he’s been before. Either way, I’m just gonna wait here for the inevitable showdown that or may not occur this season like:



The Strain airs Sundays at 10pm on FX.

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