THE STRAIN Review – “Dead End”

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“Dead End” proved to be one of The Strain‘s most intense episodes yet. The episode dealt with Eichorst’s back story and what has become of Dutch. While the episode was split between the two, both offered quite the episode. I haven’t enjoyed The Strain this much in quite some time.

untitled52-720x346I won’t go too much into Eichorst’s back story, other than I did find it mildly interesting. It added a depth to him I didn’t think we necessarily needed, but alas, it was entertaining. The best part of the episode though was basically everything else. I found myself more tense during this episode than past episodes, mainly because of Dutch being restrained in Eichorst’s feeding room of sorts. Since the last episode, I’ve been thinking of how that whole bit would play out and “Dead End” really delivered. I felt so uneasy watching those scenes playout, which, sadly, is a feeling that’s been lacking throughout this past season. I kept wishing they’d focus less on Eichorst’s history and more on Dutch in the room, but I felt what was shown was more effective than past episodes.

I did start getting very uncomfortable when Eichorst was bordering on the line of sexual assault. What was he planning? I’m still trying to forget about it, but I’m glad the show decided not to cross those boundaries. Sexual assault is used quite a bit in today’s media, with no repercussions, being quickly dismissed as if nothing happened. Thankfully, The Strain didn’t go there, making all of this more stress added upon me, wondering what was going to happen next. I was worried that the end game would be too anti-climactic, but it was done very well. Other than the fact that Eichorst escaped yet again, I really enjoyed it.



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