NoScope Gaming Glasses – Review

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I spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen, may it be for personal or business reasons. I’m staring at it for at least a good 10 hours a day. Heck, I’m looking at one right now as I type up this review and I’m probably going to go off and play a game or watch a movie as soon as I am done. Here’s the thing, I know that spending so much time in front of the computer is terrible for the eyes. I need to wear prescription glasses and I know a computer screen is not helping my situation. I need to do something about it. Yes, I could cut back on computer use time or I could get some computer/gaming glasses.

This is where NoScope Gaming Glasses comes in!

NoScope Gaming Glasses

I have been interested in trying out computer / gaming glasses for a while but with the price tag on some of them, I shy away. I’ve done my research but have always been skeptical. When the chance came around for me to try a pair of their newest gaming glasses, I couldn’t say no and since I was attending PAX Prime well, what better place to try them out!

I wore the Wraith design in onyx black and I got my partner in crime Jaime to wear the Minotaur design also in onyx black. Both designs are available in frost white. They arrived well packaged and they come with a pouch and cleaning cloth. Right off the bat these glasses were very comfortable on me. Jaime tried both of them on and while the Wraith were small on him, the Minotaur fit better.  The lenses have a yellow tint to them which helps filtering out the blue light that a lot of electronics give out.

We did not wear the glasses on Friday, which was the first day of the con and by the end of the night my eyes were bugging me. They felt dry and irritated. They were also most likely bloodshot. The lights in the hall were dimmed which made all the screens very bright and that didn’t help my situation I bet. Also, while I waited in the line to try out the newest games, I was  on my Nintendo DS or playing Star Wars Card Trader on my phone. I had something in my face through out the day, of course my eyes felt strained.

On Saturday we both put on our contacts, brought our NoScope glasses with us and attacked PAX!

NoScope Gaming Glasses

I could tell immediately that they were helping. I wasn’t wearing them while playing on my handheld but when I was in front of a large screen playing Splatoon I could already tell my eyes wouldn’t be bugging me once I looked away. I used them again when I went on “stage” to try out Rock Band 4 and with that game you are keeping track of very quick movements and the glasses helped thin out the harsh lights emitting from the screen. My eyes were not itchy by the end of the day and they were not as dried as they were on Friday when I just had my regular eye wear on. Also, the yellow tint was not a hindrance while playing. It didn’t bother me at all. They are also so lightweight that I forgot I had them on. The photo above is my game face as I tackled a pre made level at the Super Mario Maker booth. I failed that level I picked.

NoScope Gaming Glasses

NoScope Gaming Glasses did what they claim to do which was to help ease digital eye strain. They are well made too! I kept them in the pouch which was inside my backpack and I know they took a beating. I have a tendency to throw my bag around. Again, very light weight and out of both styles I liked the Wraith. Also, the price point for their selection is great. They only have one design that is prescription compatible. If you wear contacts that is a non issue. They also have an upgrade where you can purchase a hard case and a 1 year warranty on some of them.

In the end, we were really happy with NoScope Gaming Glasses. They did what they said they would do and they start at a great price point, under $50 with a couple of bundles at $80. They also ship worldwide, so if you’re interested in a pair, you should check out their product page!

Photos © Jaime Old

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