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KONAMI Calls It Quits ON AAA Games

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Reports claim Konami is shutting down most of its AAA console game development for the foreseeable future. According to reports the only two franchises on Konami’s AAA plate are Metal Gear Online, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Besides this there are no plans to develop additional Metal Gear, Silent Hill, or Castlevania AAA games at Konami.

While we knew the recent falling out with Hideo Kojima may have been one nail in the coffin that is Konami, we weren’t sure the magnitude they’d be shutting down AAA game development. What Konami has pledged to do is focus more on mobile game development, which no one is asking for.

In my opinion, this is all a mess. Konami has dug themselves too deep to get out of, and instead of trusting their franchises with amazing producers, they’ve decided to just shut it all down. This to me is nonsense, and shows the fear a lot of these older studios have when handling older franchises. The same goes for Capcom and their mess with Mega Man.

While we’re all still feeling the burn from Konami pulling PT from the PS Store, all we can really do is hope they come to their senses and allow these franchises to get great producers and teams to work on them. Will that ever happen? To be honest, probably not, but I’m not fully unhopeful. We’ll just have to wait it out and see if Konami is soon to bite the dust, or if they’ll rise up and become what we once loved.

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