Here’s Some Dragon Con 2015 Cosplay Pics – Top 5

Okay. So I had all intentions to take as many cosplay pics during Dragon Con this past weekend, but the heat and the walking between hotels wore me out that, in the end, I came out with 5 cosplay photos. Exactly 5. So this isn’t a “best of Dragon Con” type of post, just a little preview as to what Dragon Con has to offer. I took all of these because I had a free standing moment and they were simply my favorites. I hope you enjoy! (If you want loads of Dragon Con cosplay pics, click here.) (Also, if you’re the cosplayer in any of these photos, please let me know so I can credit you.)

Ballerina from The Cabin in the Woods
Kylo and his squad
Inside Out
D*C TV logo

What was your favorite cosplay?

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