Hack The Planet: HACKERS 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Review

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Has it really been 20 years since HACKERS was released in theaters? Yes it has been and the folks at Shout! Factory bring us their special 20th anniversary edition release of the 1995 cyberpunk-ish film.

The film starts off with Dade “Zero Cool” Murphy in court and his family being fined a whole ton of money and being told he can’t be near computers until his 18th birthday for creating a virus that crashed 150 computers. Oh and he was like 11 years old. 7 years later Dade (Jonny Lee Miller) has turned 18, moved to New York with his mother and is using computers again. He becomes friend with other hackers – Phreak (Renoly Santiago), Cereal Killer (Matthew Lillard), Lord Nikon (Laurence Mason), Joey (Jesse Bradford). He also meets and ends up “falling” for Kate (Angelina Jolie) who is also a Hacker by the name of Acid Burn.  Joey is out to prove to his friends that he’s worthy of a hacker name and hacks into a super computer known as “The Gibson” and downloads a file titled GARBAGE to prove that he got in. Well it turns out there is a lot more to the file and now him and his friends are being hunted down by the cops and are being framed for a what will become a ecocatastrophe.


The film is released in 1080p Hi-Def and in widescreen. The glorious 90s filming looked amazing on my flat screen. This film came out in 1995 during the early times of the internet. We knew enough about it but not enough to question all the jargon that was thrown at us in the film. The audio was ok – released with the film audio DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0. Shout! Factory folks used the original audio from the theatrical release. I did have to turn the volume up on my tv to hear it but the Blu-ray does have subtitles.

The special features included are “The Keyboard Cowboys: A Look Back at Hacker.” Interviews with director Iain Softley, cast members Fisher Stevens, Mathew Lillard, and Penn Jillette. Interview with costume designer Roger Burton and visual effects artist Peter Chiang. Interview with hacking consultants Nicholas Jarecki and Emmanuel Goldstein. Also included is one of the original trailers for the film.

I really like the costume designer interview segment because the outfits the cast wore were freaking radical for the 90s!! I really want Acid Burn’s backpack and I  miss my Rollerblades.

The film is a great time and absolutely worth picking up just to watch these guys “Hack the Planet.” The film completely dates itself but all the best awesome ways. Also, Cereal Killer just steals the film.


HACKERS 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray is available now at Shout! Factory!

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