Dragon Con 2015 Panel Wrap Up: REBELS FAN PANEL Feat. Vanessa Marshall

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Dragon Con has a little something for everybody, but especially those in love with Star Wars. There’s panels about video games, books, costumes, movies, and TV shows. More specifically, Star Wars Rebels! The Fan Discussion of Rebels! panel was quite fun, especially for all the kids dressed as Sabine and Ezra who were in attendance. Panelists include Riley Blanton, Bethany Blanton, Brian Novicki, Bruce Gibson, and Bria LaVorgna with Thomas Harper moderating. Lots was talked about, but I do have some notes I took, so I’ll discuss those. (I’ve also included a link to the Tosche Station blog post which features the audio of the panel at the end of this post.)

  • To start off the panel, we all took a look back at the season two trailer of Star Wars Rebels, which again, causes all the feels. Everyone in the audience still reacted so strongly to the trailer, which lead into discussion of Celebration,  how it was watching the trailer with the actual cast of Star Wars Rebels, and the energy that the entire room had for Rebels, which was almost as high as The Force Awakens.
  • Talking about everyone’s excitement for season two was quite fun because everyone is so excited for different reasons. It could be just Rebels itself, how it may tie into Rogue One or vice versa, Captain Rex (Ahhhhh!), Ezra’s journey, visiting new planets, and also Sabine’s back story. There’s even more things to get excited about, but those were the few mentioned.
  • Also mentioned in the panel were how the show isn’t afraid to tackle dark subject matter. It’s not as dark as The Clone Wars had gotten, but it’s close and the panelists wouldn’t be shocked if it got any darker. This, of course, isn’t a bad thing. It shows that Rebels is not only for kids, but for adults, and shows the story in a realistic light.
  • During the panel, we also got a look at some newer clips of Star Wars Rebels, which lead into discussion on how the clones survived Order 66. It’s always interesting hearing peoples thought on this subject matter, but it’s safe to say that they removed there chips before any serious damage could be done. Other highlights of the panel include: a discussion of why Hera is so damn brilliant, what we thought of Lando, how the new characters will fit in, the crew dying, and Kanan being a precious space puppy.

To listen to the full audio, click here.





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