Dragon Con 2015 Panel Wrap Up: MEET THE STARS OF STAR WARS

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I hope you’re enjoying my wrap up of Dragon Con 2015. As you can tell, I spent most of time in the Star Wars track room, who all helped make this little slice of Celebration an actual thing. It was amazing, but there was one panel that couldn’t exactly fit into the Star Wars track room, only due to the stars at hand. That panel would be the “Meet the Stars of Star Wars” panel featuring Vanessa Marshall (Hera) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) with moderator, Riley Blanton. It was a pretty amazing panel, full of laughs and fun. Sadly, I don’t have audio from that panel due to its size, but I do have notes! So if you wanted to know a few key moments, read below. Just please be aware that everything below is not quote for quote. (I took many notes, but these notes are just a mess. Sorry.)

  • During the panel, quite a bit of questions were asked, but my favorite one had to be to Vanessa, regarding whether Kanan and Hera were #spacemarried. She didn’t confirm nor deny, but said that they had bigger problems at hand than to worry about a love life. This was such a perfect answer and given Hera and Kanan’s troubles at hand, makes so much sense. (They’re so #spacemarried, you guys.)
  • This panel gave us a brief inside look at each other’s love of the Star Wars universe. Vanessa was talking about auditioning for the role of Hera, thinking it was the movie, but being thrilled to audition for anything Star Wars. She said when she got the callback for Rebels, it was all downhill from there since it was Star Wars. She didn’t expect to get even that, but to get the role was unbelievable.
  • Peter’s “enteryway into Star Wars” story was more brief because he went in for the part and within the hour had the role and the costume for Chewbacca. Peter also briefly explained his views of The Force Awakens, how he’s excited, and he can’t wait to see the movie.
  • There was also brief mention from Peter of working on the Millennium Falcon set and secretly storing stuff in a cabinet in a very distinct location. He also made comment on one of his favorite parts of Dragon Con being the alcohol and how he’d always come back if invited.

This panel was about an hour long, so there was plenty more talked about, but this was all I managed to write down/remember, so forgive me. I hope you enjoyed this little wrap up of the panel and stayed tuned for more Star Wars Dragon Con panel wrap ups!

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