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DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 2 Recap – “The Witch’s Familiar”

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The 9th series of Doctor Who has been off to quite an awesome start with the epic two-part story involving two of our favorite ‘baddies’.






There were several keys moments in this episode that I personally loved. Also, we all had a moment where we were gaining feels and sadness for Davros. Thanks, Moffat! Check out a few main points from the episode below:


1. Missy and Clara were alive and teamed up — The weird, yet awesome pairing of Missy and Clara has been a major fun part of these first two episodes of Series 9. Michelle Gomez and Jenna Coleman have awesome chemistry and have managed to make that duo so fun and exciting to watch. Missy, of course, being The Master, is not one to easily trust. When they go down into the sewers in Skaro, Missy uses Clara and the dead Daleks melted all over the walls as a way to kill a Dalek and get Clara to go inside it. SOUND FAMILIAR? Oswin Oswald anyone? So Clara ends up going into the Dalek and controls it with her mind. I AM A DALEK! At one point, the fact that each time she said her name, it would come out as Dalek, nearly got her killed by The Doctor himself. Missy pretended like Clara had died and that Dalek that was in front of them was an actual one. But when the Dalek, Clara, says mercy, he figures out that Daleks don’t say that and knows its Clara.

2. The Doctor sitting in Davros’ chair — In possibly the most out of nowhere, yet incredibly badass and awesome move…The Doctor sat in Davros’ chair! A nice #plotwist of sorts! Peter Capaldi really shined at this moment. He got Davros out of the chair and decided to ride to where the Daleks were and tried to outsmart them, but then Davros’ snakey apprentice unraveled and got The Doctor by nearly suffocating him to death with snakes.

3. Davros proving the feels AND SHOWING HIS REAL EYES — Davros had a long conversation with The Doctor, during the conversation it was as if he was trying his best to make The Doctor feel sad and feel empathy for him and all he’s been through. He’s nearing death, so of course some empathy was needed. But for us as an audience, we obviously know Davros isn’t a sweetheart, but with that particular scene, we all just wanted to give him a hug. He then tells The Doctor to get close and decides to reveal his eyes and look at The Doctor closely. He even sheds a tear! Then when The Doctor decides to use a small bit of his regeneration energy on Davros, before the sun came up so he can see the sun one last time, then Davros turns back into his normal self and his apprentice’s snakes latch onto the regeneration and Davros steals A LOT of it, sending it to the Daleks too. BUT, in the end we find out The Doctor knew about Davros’ plan because he’s THE DOCTOR!

4. Missy…has a daughter? What? Did I hear her say she has a daughter?

5. Missy says she has a plan — She potentially survives, but how?

6. The Doctor goes back to young Davros and gives him mercy — After surviving a weird explosion with Clara, he rescues young Davros by killing the hands with eyes in them.

7. He doesn’t use a sonic screwdriver anymore — Yeah, he gives it up for wearable technology. There have been Doctors without their sonics, so don’t panic!!


doctor who



These last two Doctor Who episodes really set up the tone for the rest of the series and we can see it’s going to be quite interesting!

Did you guys enjoy this episode? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comments section below!


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