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DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 1 Recap – “The Magician’s Apprentice”

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“He’s right behind you and one step ahead. Tread carefully when seeking the Doctor.”


Well, that was an awesome premiere episode! It was a bit creepy and featured the return of some old foes. There were snakes, an electric guitar, hands with eyes on their palms, planes pausing in time in the air, and a bunch of other cool stuff.



Also, there was a nod to the fact that we all get our news from Twitter, with the hashtag #PlanesHaveStopped. Yes, planes stopped. Now, I’m going to talk about the main points that I found so interesting about this wonderful episode:


  1. Missy is alive: well of course she is! She’s The Master! Did anyone really think she was dead? Plus, we knew she was coming back this season. Now, how did she stay alive? It’s Doctor Who, that’s how! Michelle Gomez has been quite a fun addition to the elite list of actors who have played The Master. Her spin on the character has been fun, crazy, psycho, exciting and wonderful. HEY MISSY YOU’RE SO FINE! More Missy, please! She teams up with Clara when she fears The Doctor is going to die. She sort of decides to become a friend.
  2. Davros! So, we see a young kid at the beginning of the episode surrounded by hands coming out of the ground with eyes on them. HELLO FUTURE DALEK INSPIRATIONS, and when The Doctor tries to save this young kid, he asks him what his name is and he says Davros. Throughout the episode, grown up Davros’ right-hand man, snake guy, apprentice Colony Sarff, who is literally made from snakes tries to find The Doctor. He goes to various familiar places to see if he can find The Doctor and take him to Davros.
  3. The Doctor’s Electic Guitar Playing: He played a guitar during an ax fight in Ren Faire. That’s about as #thuglife as you can get. Here, is also where Colony Sarff finds The Doctor, all while Missy and Clara find him too. They’re all taken to Skaro, yes…that Skaro, to meet up with Davros.
  4. This quote: “If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that child grew up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?” Davros has The Doctor’s other incarnation’s who battled with Davros show up on screens. (A great moment for long-time Who fans to squeal…TOM BAKER!)
  5. Missy and Clara…exterminated: Yes that’s right, The Daleks in Skaro exterminated both of them. As long-time Who fans, I think we all know they will come back. The episode ends with The Doctor going back to where he saw little Davros and perhaps killing him so that what happened to Missy and Clara won’t happen. Will it work? Can he do it?
  6. Also, we got some UNIT action! Hi, Kate!


It was a very strong premiere episode. It set up the tone for the rest of the series and we can see that it’s going to be great! Did you guys enjoy the premiere episode? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comments section below!


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