Most Anticipated Fantastic Fest 2015 Movies

ff_2015_posterThe most wonderful week of the year is coming up with Fantastic Fest, the genre film festival hosted by the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. It’s going to be a week full of sci-fi, horror, action, thrillers all foreign and domestic, and of course, lots of karaoke!

To get even more hyped, we wanted to preview some of our most anticipated movies of the festival. As always it was really hard to pick thanks to a very strong line up this year. There’s so many movies from acclaimed directors, 35mm screenings, repertory screenings and special events that make planning out the festival a full-time job.

My anticipated picks of the festival are all a mix of something completely new and movies from personally beloved directors. Check them out below with their trailers if they are available. Keep an eye out for reviews coming out of the festival throughout the week and follow me on Twitter @JaviFuentes for constant updates and reactions.


A Charlie Kaufman movie is always reason for celebration. While the premise of a disgruntled costumer service call center rep trying to find meaning in life doesn’t feel like too far off from SYNECHDOCHE NEW YORK’s Caden Cotan, the fact is if anyone will make this story interesting it’s Kaufman. The movie, which is co-directed with Duke Johnson who brings his stop-motion animation expertise, has already received lots of praise out of the Toronto International Film Festival.



Before YOU’RE NEXT’s screenings were infamously pulled, there was another hot horror movie that people were dying to see but couldn’t, director Sean Byrne’s THE LOVED ONES. It still remains one of the most memorable movie screenings in my times as a writer, so of course, I am going to put his new movie in here. The movie tells the story of an artist and his family that move into a haunted house. While this is not a new premise, I can’t wait to see what Byrne does with it. Plus, the fact that it stars Ethan Embry, who was great in CHEAP THRILLS, makes it exciting.



Ben Wheatley is one of the best genre directors working today. KILL LIST remains one of the most horrifying, moody, and tense movies of the new century. After making a dark comedy in SIGHTSEERS and a trippy 17th century mind fuck with A FIELD IN ENGLAND, he returns with HIGH RISE which will be his first time working with bigger actors and his first adaptation, this time of famed author J.G. Ballard. Starring Tom Hidleston, it deals with a man in 1975 London who moves into the titular high rise apartment looking for seclusion from the outside world only to find a complex and volatile society.


Before the Asylum mockbusters became the thing of ironic legend, there have been filmmakers taking the biggest movies of Hollywood and remaking them in their own unique way or even making unofficial sequels that have nothing to do with the original. While a lot of movie nerds know of the Italian ripoff directors like Enzo Castellari, this doc about Yesilcam, the Turkish Hollywood should prove to be informative. In previous years, Fantastic Fest has hosted docs about movie culture which were entertaining and informative, and this should be no different.  


While horror is one of my favorite genres, it’s the more atmospheric horror movies that stick with me like the aforementioned KILL LIST. Director Robert Egger’s THE WITCH looks to be that kind of movie. Set in the colonial times about a family going away from the main colony to start their own farm, but then they end up afoul of an actual baby-stealing witch. The trailer is tense as all hell and as weird as it sounds the movie looks like the cinematic equivalent of a drone metal album.

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