Starfire #3 – Comic Review

Title: Starfire #3
Writers: Amanda Conner, Jim Palmiotti Artists: Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, HI-FI
August 12, 2015
DC Comics, $2.99

I got the pleasure to read yet another exciting issue of the  comic Starfire. We’re into the third part of her journey at living a life on her own in Key West but it most certainly haven’t been easy for her since she arrived. Although the problems she face had little to do with the fact that she’s an alien, they have been great factors in dealing with them. And as we see in this issue, they will be needed for what is ahead.



Following the aftermath of the storm from the previous issue, a survivor is found at sea by a cruise ship. Once brought on board by his rescuers, he turns out to be no ordinary person and attacks. We move on the Kori at her 2nd new home where she learns that there is some sadness by Sol dealing with the property she will be taking over. Meanwhile, a couple is eaten by some sort of creature at the beach. Trying to find food of her own, Kori ventures out to find some fruits where she meets up Sheriff Gomez who gets a call about a ship going out of control. The two reach to the location of  where the ship finally stopped and investigates. With nothing but dead crew members on board, Gomez sends Kori off, for safety, to a restaurant only to later find one survivor hiding in a closet. Kori, now at the restaurant, is learning the mating ritual of having drinks sent to her by admirers by her waiter. While she and the waiter discuss about the subject of being confused in a new places and learning how things work, they are attacked by the same creature from the beach. It turns out the creature was after the waiter who herself is no ordinary human. She reveals herself as Atlee and also as the one who is responsible for the creature. The two are now faced against this thing but with the creature being able to absorb any energy blasts, how will they defeat it?



I have to say I wasn’t expecting another person with powers to show up. I thought for sure, this creature would have been after Kori for whatever reason. The next issue will be an interesting read indeed. As for the survivor that was found aboard by Sheriff Gomez, my first thought is he might be the same person who was brought on in the beginning but in another body. After thinking some more I questioned my own thoughts and wondered why he would even need to do so. Still don’t understand why she would send Kori off while she searched on her own. She would have been a reliable backup if something were to happen. Overall, I enjoyed this issue as a whole. Even before reading it, just from the cover alone it gives us a sense of danger approaching or more like near. We’re going somewhere with the story. We got introduced to a new character who I would love to know more about. Depending on how this new character works out, this will give Kori someone she can relate to. Atlee already mentioned she went through the same thing Kori did as far as adjusting to this new life. But for now, we’ll just focus on how they interact as a team. And finally, we know at least what this mysterious creature is called (a Chida monster), that it eats humans, and what can’t defeat it as demonstrated by Kori’s attacks. We don’t know, however, about the situation on the cruise ship. Is it related with the Chida monster? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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