STAR WARS x CoverGirl : This Is The Make Up You Are Looking For

CoverGirl has officially released photos of their Star Wars: The Force Awakens make up collection. Back in June photos had leaked revealing a dark side and a light side theme. They weren’t the greatest of pictures but that didn’t stop us from wanting them and boy do I want them!

CoverGirl Star Wars Lipstick

I am loving the colors and the packaging for the lipsticks. That dark purple one is to die for! I’m a little bit disappointed with the nail polish color selection and packaging. They are releasing three colors and the bottles are a bit plain for me personally but I do love the names they have chosen. There is Speed of Light, Nemesis, and Red Revenge. Plain or not, I still plan on getting all three bottles of nail polish.

CoverGirl Star Wars Mascara

They also have light side and dark side mascara. The blister card will tell you which you are getting along with the light side mascara being waterproof while the dark side isn’t. Also the tubes comes with quotes from the films – “May the force be with you,” “Do, or do not. There is no try,” and of course “You’re my only hope”. There are ten quotes total and oh my god, are we playing the chasing game? Is the packing going to tell me which quote is on the tube? These things are important!! I need all 10! (No, I don’t. I’m just being melodramatic…. or am I?)

The collection is set to be released on September 4 also known as Force Friday and it’s being announced as a limited collection. If you are wanting the entire line you will need to act fast because I’m sure it will sell out very quickly. Be sure to check out the gallery above to see all the photos that were released for the line.

CoverGirl x Star Wars

The Force is strong in the make up aisle!

(Via: Allure)
( Header photo: CoverGirl Star Wars Tumblr)

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