Spotlight: The 3 Young Breakout Stars of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp



If you’re like most of the world you probably have(or will) binge watched Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp and you’ve likely marveled at 3 of the new young talent. The show brought back basically all of the cast members of the movie and added plenty of new faces and cameos. Three new and exceptionally talented young actors they added: David Bloom, Hailey Sole and Thomas Barbusca all shined in their owns ways.


David Bloom– he plays Kevin, the shy and kind of awkward kid at camp who doesn’t really want to be there. We immediately love him and can’t help it! Plus, a lot of us have been there…not wanting to be at camp, not knowing every single person and wishing we’d be at home instead. Camp is awesome(specially summer camp), but sometimes it’s intimidating!! Also, in the beginning we see how shy and awkward he is around Amy, his immediate crush. Kevin gets ridiculed and bashed nearly every second he’s around the camp bully Drew, but does a great job showcasing bravery! David does a wonderful job capturing the right amount of awkwardness, shyness and bravery. His career will definitely be blooming(ha ha see what I did there? Bloom…blooming…okay I’ll stop) thanks to this awesome break out role.


Hailey Sole– she plays Amy, Kevin’s crush, and the girl Drew tries to wooo. She could be described as a much more tamed version of Katie. She’s quiet and clearly the one girl a lot of the guys will have crushes on, not just Kevin and Drew. Hailey captures innocence with a little bit of mystery very wonderfully! She has quite a long resume! You might’ve seen her in things like Criminal Minds and Private Practice. She has a lovely budding career that is only going to take off even more, because of her great performance in this show. Here’s to Amy having one heck of an awesome storyline in the next days of camp!


Thomas Barbusca– this awesome kid has one helluva career in comedy fast approaching. Literally, it’s slapping us all in the face with how fast it’s approaching. He’s been in some comedies, but I think this show is definitely his break out role. He plays the camp bully Drew and has the absolute best lines on the show. His delivery of every line is perfect. He has hilarious facial expressions and he is quite great as a bully. Drew might be one of the first bullies everyone loves. “I’m the f***ing burp king of Westchester!” I mean come on, pure gold. I’m sure this show will get more seasons, since we all want to know about all the other days at camp, and the world cannot wait too hear more amazing lines from Drew.








Have you watched the show yet? What did you think? What did you think of these brilliantly talented young actors? What are you most looking forward too if they continue to make new seasons focusing on the other days of camp? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comments section below!


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