Scream Factory THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS – Blu-Ray Review

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Scream Factory is back with another awesome release – Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs collector’s edition. The film was originaly released in 1991 and when I first saw it, it was not what I was expecting. It wasn’t the people that were under the stairs you should be afraid of but the “man” and “woman” living in the house.

The People Under The Stairs Blu-ray

The film is about a 13 year old boy who is known as Fool and his family is having some financial trouble.  His mother is sick and they have fallen behind on the rent. A family “friend” by the name of Leroy who is also a local burglar convinces Fool to help him and another friend break into the house of the greedy landlords and rob them. Things don’t end up going as plan which leaves Fool is trapped in the house. As he tries to escape, he learns that there is more to the couple then he realized.

He meets a young girl named Alice who is being raised to be the perfect child, a boy named Roach who can’t speak and lives in the walls of the house, and discovers a sealed off basement that holds a group of boys who are fed human flesh and bones. It’s a race against time for Fool to get out before he ends up the insane homeowners next victim.

The People Under The Stairs Blu-ray

The People Under The Stairs has always been one of my favorite films from Wes Craven. The campy, over the top performance by Everett McGill and Wendy Robie as Man and Woman are amazingly creepy. Brandon Adams who plays Fool and A.J. Langer who plays Alice round out the performance and both kids play off each other so well, Fool has lived in the outside world but Alice has never seen anything beyond the walls of the house. Roach (Sean Whalen) has to be my favorite character in the entire film. He spends it driving Man and Woman crazy. The sound and film are pretty good, I have no complaints. In this collector’s edition, they offer interchangeable cover design which features all new art work for this release and the original cover art. They also include a slip cover with the new art work design. Also include is a lot of special feature in the release which include audio commentary with Wes Craven, interview with Wendy Robie, behind the scenes footage, theatrical trailer, and a whole lot more. Definitely a great selection of extras and so far one of the bests.

Scream Factory did an amazing job with the collector’s edition of The People Under The Stairs and I highly recommend you pick this release up and it to your collection.

The People Under The Stairs Blu-ray

The People Under That Stairs is on sale now at Shout! Factory! They are also offering an exclusive 18″x24″ poster of the artwork with purchase! While supplies last!

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