Scream Factory NOMADS Blu-Ray Review

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“If you’ve ever been frightened by anything, you’ll be frightened by this!” Scream Factory presents NOMADS for the first time on Blu-ray.

Scream Factory Nomads

The movie stars Lesley-Anne Down as Dr. Eileen Flax and Pierce Bronsan as Jean Pommier with a very weird, very funny french accent in his first feature film. NOMADS was directed by John McTiernan who directed Predator (1987) and Die Hard.

The film starts off with Dr. Flax trying to treat a crazy french man who was brought into her hospital. She gets a little too close, gets attacked by said crazy french man who ends up dying. Right before he dies, he manages to bite her and through some unknown supernatural forces, his memories of the events that lead him to the hospital get transferred to her. Dr. Flax starts seeing everything “through his eyes” I guess you would say. We found out he just moved into a new home with his wife after living all over the world for his work. One night a gang decides to wreck the outside of his home. He decides to follow them to photograph the group, soon he realizes they never sleep and simply wreak havoc everywhere they go. With the help of his trusty camera, Jean realizes that they are some kind of demonic spirits known as Einwetok and that’s when it all goes to shit for Dr.Flax who ends up coming out of it at his house where she meets his wife.

Nomads Blu-Ray

Even with a terrible french accent, Pierce Brosnan is amazing in this film. Lesley-Ann Down had her moments in the film; some were great, some looked lazy but she did a good job considering. If you watch her interview which is included in the extras you will see what I mean. The actors that played the Nomads were really creepy for the few times you got to actually see them.

The film is is weird and confusing the first time around but I truly enjoyed it. The movie just ran all over the place, but it worked because the entire series of events is just crazy. I wouldn’t classify this as horror, but more of a supernatural-physiological-thriller.

The soundtrack to this film is absolutely wonderful. The theme to NOMADS is everything I love about the scores that came out of the 80s. Using synth to set the mood with just enough instrumentation to keep it in the forefront. The added guitar riff towards the end brings it all together.

I have never seen the original but watching it on Blu-ray on my flat screen, the transfer looked really good. There were some grains but nothing that would distract you from the picture. They updated the audio mix for the Blu-ray. There were some moments where the voices were low but that didn’t last very long. In terms of extras, the Blu-ray was pretty light but they there two great interviews included; one with actress Lesley-Ann Down, and one with composer Bill Conti. They also included the theatrical trailer, radio spot, and a gallery which I didn’t check out.

Over all, one of my favorite releases from Scream Factory. What bolsters it ranking so much is the score. I love Bill Conti‘s work and this film is no exception. Bill Conti composed the music to the live action Masters of the Universe and you’re welcome for your trivia of the day!

Pick up this film. You won’t regret it!

NOMADS Blu-ray

NOMADS is available now at Shout! Factory!

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