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Kickstarter has become the best go to site to help filmmakers, artists, photographers, and many others fund their dreams and passions. Filmmaker Rafael Martinez came up with the idea of A Fistful of Dartz: The Film with the hopes of making Blerd Cinema (the term Blerd has been used to describe Black, Asian and Latino nerds) a bigger thing, with more diverse roles in film. Martinez hopes that with the diverse cast and crew, more opportunities for blerds around the world will open up. Head to the official Kickstarter page here, the official Twitter page here and official Facebook page here. The film is

A description of the world in which the film takes place:

A high stakes elimination game with nerf guns and super soakers is played every year to determine the top assassin in town amongst it’s youth. The prize for winning? You are the most popular kid in town. You are treated like royalty and a god amongst mere mortal’s. Before you can claim such a prize you must take down hordes of other players and survive endless attempts on your “life”. A Fistful of Dartz tells a story of an event that took place during this massive game.

The story itself:

We follow Darryl, a skilled player with a sense of honor. His days starts with a normal take down of another player but this day is anything but normal. His partner and friend, Kenny, have crossed paths with a mysterious & deadly new kid in town and faces the consequences of such an encounter. Darryl now must defend Kenny’s honor. Will Darryl get revenge for his fallen comrade or end up another notch on this players kill list?

Martinez said, “no one’s going to give us a place to tell our stories or be seen on screen, It’s up to use to make those things and reach as many as we can…my message to the broader Blerd community and minority communities in Brooklyn is that our stories have legitimacy, have power and need to be told. Together we can bring these stories to life.”

If you aren’t able to donate, sharing the kickstarter page across your social media pages and sending it to friends and family to have them help would be great. Supporting these kinds of films is something I personally love doing. Helping people get their work known and out there for the rest of the world and potential big name markets is great! Lets all donate! The donations will help towards “…paying the necessary talent both on screen and off screen to bring this story to life. To the film festivals we feel are the best place for this film to be seen. To getting you those sweet rewards.” Leave your thoughts and good wishes in the comments section below!


Here’s the video from the Kickstarter page, with Rafael Martinez talking about the film:


And here’s a teaser for the film:









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