Best of D23 Expo: Part Two

D23 Expo

There was indeed a lot to see at the D23 Expo 2015, but some booths caught the attention from most of the attendees. One of them was the (quite big) space dedicated to the preview of Disneyland Shanghai which showed not only an ambitious but completely modern and edgy look of “Disney” translated to the Asian market. Here are some images from it and also  from some other interesting exhibits around the showroom. Enjoy!


Entrance to the Disneyland Shanghai Preview Exhibit


Disneyland Shanghai: Treasure Cove from Pirates of the Caribbean

Disneyland Shanghai: Model of the Fantasia Carousel


Disneyland Shanghai: Tomorrowland


Disneyland Shanghai: Disneytown


Model of the upcoming land dedicated to Avatar on Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Orlando, FL)


Original costume featured on Ant-Man at the Marvel booth


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