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A Year Later PT Is Still Unraveling Secrets

A year ago today, PT showed up in the Sony Playstation Store for PS4. The game was a huge success amongst let’s players, and horror fans alike. In May after the very public falling out of Kojima and Konami, Konami decided to pull PT and announce that Silent Hills was cancelled.

If for some reason you didn’t know, PT was the ‘Playable Teaser’ to Silent Hills, which was being worked on by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. Under the fake studio 7780s Studios, Kojima and Del Toro took the internet by storm. Everyone was curious as to the end of the playable teaser, and the secrets that were wrapped in it. While in the 9 months that it was around we thought we had found everything. until just recently that is.

Some obsessed Redditors are still finding new scares in PT and it makes us think what more could be hiding within this playable teaser. Apparently if you get attacked after being trapped in the bathroom, and are sent back to the starting room you can catch a glimpse of Lisa by walking out of the room backwards. You apparently can also catch a glimpse of her by a similar event in the basement.


While in my opinion. Konami blew it, just as Capcom has continuously blown it with Mega Man, and the Resident Evil series. These companies have had something good, either driven it dead into the ground, completely transformed their big series, or completely destroyed them (RIP Mega Man). Maybe Konami and Kojima will work out their differences, or maybe this is a way to bring more attention to the series to just have it come back to us in a big way. Or maybe I’m overly optimistic and in reality PT is the last we’ll see of Kojima and Del Toro’s amazing idea.

If Konami took Capcom’s cue though, maybe we will see it. As of today Capcom officially announced the Resident Evil 2 Remake. As a horror game fan this is great news, but not as great as it would be to find Kojima and Del Toro have been screwing with us for months and PT being pulled was just a way to gain more excitement for a game we all have heard is cancelled. Only time will tell, but we can all at least gain something from Allison Road which learned a lot from PT.

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