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Weekly Pull List 7/08/2015: ARCHIE, CIVIL WAR, LANDO

Archie, a Star Wars character and another Marvel mini-series have first issues in this Weekly Pull List!

Archie-01Archie #1

Archie Comic Publications
Mark Waid (w)
Fiona Staples (a)

The first issue of the new re-imagined Archie universe is here! Fans of the original Archie comics  need to check this out. Staples’ (Saga) art seems like a perfect match for the new series and Waid’s body of work reveals him as a writer who can scribe anything. Who knows where this new direction for the Archie Universe will go but I cannot wait to begin it.







Harrow-County-03Harrow County #3

Dark Horse Comics
Cullen Bunn (w)
Tyler Crook (a)

As Emmy tries to cope with her new world filled with witches and other creatures of the night by hiding in a graveyard. Will she be able to survive her family and the monsters in the forest? This book is a must read for Hellboy fans.









Batman-42Batman #42

DC Comics
Scott Snyder (w)
Greg Capullo (a)

Just as the new Batman is beginning to make his mark on Gotham the city starts to throw more of its crazies at him.










Mad-Max-Fury-Road-01Mad Max Fury Road #1

DC Comics
George Miller (w)
Mark Sexton (a)

The penultimate issue of the Fury Road prequel series is here! To earn the parts he needs to rebuild his car Max must fight to the death in Gastown’s Thunderdome Plus!









Black-Science-16Black Science #16

Image Comics
Rick Remender (w)
Matteo Scalera (a)

Things are starting to change so fast and so much in this series that I can’t even write snippets here without spoiling something! Just read this book!









Descender-05Descender #5

Image Comics
Jeff Lemire (w)
Dustin Nguyen (a)

After the cliffhanger ending of issue 4 this series could go just about anywhere! Fans of Lemire and/or Nguyen, this book is booth creators at the top of their game!









Injection-03Injection #3

Image Comics
Warren Ellis (w)
Declan Shalvey (a)

Things begin to unravel. Plus, look at that cover!










Pisces-03Pisces #3

Image Comics
Kurtis j. Wiebe (w)
Johnnie Christmas (a)

Dillon begins a new life in Houston, Texas and things are looking up for a while. Then his mind begins to fall apart all over again…









Civil-War-01Civil War #1

Marvel Comics
Charles Soule (w)
Leinil Francis Yu (a)

It’s here! The Secret Wars event that everyone has been buzzing about since its announcement. In the Warzone Civil War never ended! The nation is split in two with warring factions the Blue and Iron being lead by none other than General Steve Rogers and President Tony Stark. The two have one supposed last chance to make peace. This mini-series is going to sell quick so be sure to get to your store early!







Lando-01Star Wars Lando #1

Marvel Comics
Charles Soule (w)
Alex Maleev (a)

Lando Calrissian, you all know him but how many of you know what he was like before his big screen debut? This is your chance to find out! With issue one Lando is off to steal a very important ship (any guesses?)! This series is sure to be fun and a must have for any Lando/Han fans.








Bloodshot-Reborn-04Bloodshot Reborn #4

Valiant Entertainment
Jeff Lemire (w)
Mico Suayan (a)

Bloodshot continues his hunt for nanite-infected killers and deals with them personally and permanently. With every life he takes he loses a little more of his humanity. Even with such a high cost he can’t stop. Who else can deal with the killers. No one! This is one of the best drawn monthly books on shelves and a must read for Lemire fans.








This was a good sized list this week with with a wide variety of genres. Be sure to take a peak at the huge assortment of Archie #1 variants this week!

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