Uptime, Superb Gamer FUEL! – REVIEW

From the packaging it is generic appearing, which is unfortunately deceptive to the casual consumer, but well worth the time.

The product description is simple: Alertness, Energy enhancing and productivity increase.

Very valid in all of these aspects.


I have testing this product thoroughly over the course of the past week and a half, it does accomplish all of these things. I have a higher standard of energy, my overall levels are increased and my focus is increased by a magnitude of 3.

There are no ‘overly caffeinated’ side effects like jittering, dry mouth or sleeplessness involved with this product. I have personally used several ‘supplements’ of this sort over the course of a few years ( dating back to ’04 when I first started drinking Energy Drinks ) and found the sugar crash involved with the energy drinks is a bit vicious.

The package states to take 3 pills orally for maximum effectiveness, the effects of the pills themselves proper take hold in a matter of 10-15m and kicks in with a slow roll. There is no sudden BURST, comes on with a stealth and exits the same way. There is no sudden crash, the behaviour of the supplement in your system has no ill effects that I personally noticed.

Max Strength versus the Normal Strength supplement ( pill form ) is readily identifiable.


Standard strength houses about a 4 hr spread, while the max strength spread out over 6-7 hours with little to no break.

Now the liquid version of this did not have any identifiable effects on me personally ( I did not feel any difference in the levels proper, I did not notice any added energy or focus — which given the fact my sample was a single bottle of each the test could have been a One-off  ), both of the drinks were fairly tart which is a regular thing for any energy drink on the market at the moment.uptime-energy-gamer-fuel2

I believe the aforementioned tart occurs from most of them trying to mask the Taurine and the LOADS of Sugar put into the drinks. Uptime has barely of these ( especially the sugar ) so I am not sure why the flavor remained save for possibily the familiar nature of the energy drink to as not drive potential customers off the drink proper.

From a gaming standpoint it helped me through several raids and PVP events as well as held me up through several GTA missions in the wee hours.

Being a single car household, with working children w/out vehicles of their own it has been particularly handy getting myself sharp in the morning — out the door and on to task for the morning.

4.5 stars out of 5

Look for it on the Uptime website for more information, details and ordering.

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Rob Fowler

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